Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year, Same Resolutions

well, my title says it all really. Seeing as how i didn't actually accomplish most if not all of my resolutions, i decided to keep the same stay in shape, get a woman, keep a maintained and civilized dwelling in which to if you can help me or encourage and instruct me kindly in those things, that would be spiffy....maybe this new year will have great things in store for me...hopefully i take all opportunities that come my way....oh and i just diagnosed my "..."'s my a.d.d......i don't like pausing after a sentence or thought so in order to keep moving i put ..... at the end and i continue until a start typing my next thought....luckily i've controlled it enough to not separate the same though with .... so at least i won't confuse you...i don't think ..anyway...uh....sigh-a-nora mi peeps.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

What's your nickname?

Hey ya'll. I was just thinking about my nicknames and decided to give you all a brief history of my nicknames. I have had a few real nicknames in my time. These are names that were widely used for me..not just one or two people. I think a real nickname needs to meet some or all of these requirements. Created by or approved by another person who deems it an appropriate name for you to be labeled needs to be used by more than your one or two best needs to last at least a can't just be a variation or shortened version of your real name and it can't be your middle name if you go by your middle obviously my real name Is Adam Ryan Brown......that name was given to me by my parents......Adam is not a bad's not totally unique but it's not the most commonly used name.......however, when i was little, i was teased a brother and his friends would call me ADUMB! OR ADAMN!.....OR ..ADUMBO (because i had large ears as a kid....i think my ears are the same size as when i was 5..i just grew into them now.).....anyway, my brother is not that mean anymore and neither are his friends.....Andy is rather soft and docile now that he has a kid.....but back then, i was so fed up with the teasing that i decided to change my name......It happened on the way back home from some family freinds with my family....i was trying to think of a name....first i went through names you would give a parents didn't like those name....i thought Rex would be cool....glad i didn't go with that.....anyway, Someone (maybe me) though of Scout......i don't know had nothing to do with boy scouts...or girl....i just thought it was nice and no one could make fun of my family and i agreed on Scout as my nickname.....i was probably 8 years old when given this name and it has lasted even well into highschool......everyone would call me parents, church family, and some friends....i will even now respond if someone calls me Scout as if it's still my name......i think my Dad and my friend Butch will still sometimes call me Scout...i think it's cool.........
While some were still calling me Scout, I was on a soccer team called the Raiders......i was the youngest and smallest on the team so my team gave me the name Keebler.......I thought this was funny and cool cause i was actually known as whole team knew me by Keebler....since most of those people went to my school, my normal school friends would call me that......i was Keebler.....this name lasted almost 3 years(6th grade through 8th grade).
then i entered high school......some of my soccer friends would still call me well as Guillermo....however some other factors created a change in name...My brother was a Senior when I became a freshman in high brother was very smart and was valedictorian........he was shorter then me and had a rounder head(or his hair made it look so).....anyway, we both played soccer that year......everyone thought they should call me Pinky and Andy was The Brain......this caught on really quickly and it became official....I went all four years in high school being called Pinky. It was funny.....people only knew me as Pinky.......when i became a junior, the freshman and some sophomores had only heard be being refered to as Pinky so they though my real name was Pinky....they never questioned it.....I responeed to pinky just as naturally as Keebler and was funny...occasionally someone would refer to me as my real name and others around me would seriously not know who they were talking about.......people honestly thought my name was Pinky........either that or Mrs. Brown's son....or Kara's brother.....or brother of The Brain........I bet if i were to run into any of those highschool people, they would yell PINKY!!..and then sing the song...pinky and the brain pinky and the is a genius, the other insane....
Then college time....i didnt' really have a nickname in one point i was known as The Regulator......i don't really think that caught on enough to really be on my list....oh well......
But now, I am Brown Sugar......this name is fun to have....It is obviously because my last name is brown and i'm sweet as sugar....and i love to cook with and eat brown sugar.......this name is impressive to the ladies and makes the men jealous.....although this name is fairly new, i think it will last for a long closest friends call me Brown Sugar all the time.....more often than is spreading to those others in the church as well.....even older (not too old)...people like kris wilson will call me Brown Sugar.....I even have Brown Sugar on two different Softball jerseys....Brown Sugar is definately a real nickname for the list....I wonder how long that will last......Brown Sugar even has nicknames...sometimes it's known as Sugar Brown which is cooler to use in some situations......

What are your nicknames and origins?

Friday, December 09, 2005

My Space

hey ya' case you didn't know, i also have a myspace account. I will still use blogger as my blog but other randomness may be going on at so go check it out. peace...

oh...and hopefully i'll have another real post soon...

Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving, Zane, Turkey Soda, Big Spider, G-mo= Good Times For All

hey guys...sorry for the way past due post....Thanksgiving was a much needed break from work....I only went to my parents (about 35 minutes away) almost all weekend but i stayed as long as i could.....The best part by far was getting to hang out with my new nephew Zane all weekend...he really is the cutest, coolest baby....and he really takes after me as well so i know we will be good buddies when he gets older....take a look at how he makes fun of me already....
Image hosted by

Once again, sister Kara did not get to see Zane so she has to wait till Christmas...but she has seem him before so i dont' feel too bad..

Now another interesting thing was added to this years was the tasting of the Jones Soda Holiday pack...with my cousins husband...brave man...
Image hosted by

Thats right...Corn on the Cob Soda, Broccoli Casserole Soda, Smoked Salmon Pate Soda, Turkey and Gravy Soda, and Pecan Pie Soda......Now, Jones Soda is the maker of many unique and delicious flavored drinks...check out the site....but they decided to make this holiday a complete Thanksgiving dinner in Soda never sounded good..but it was fun to talk about and quite the experience.....I tasted all five Sodas.....all of them were really unbelievably bad....My mom took pictures of me tasting them...but i dont' have those pics comes with a serving spoon cause that's all that you will be able to drink....if you smell the Salmon Soda, you will get sick......anyway...I do honestly recommend you give Jones normal flavors a try...their strawberry limeade and green apple sodas are really popular...

Guillermo also came home this Thanksgiving....we hung out some...and drove his's ridiculously fast....will beat you gauranteed....we saw the movie Just's really funny...stupid funny...but funny still......

we also put started the Christmas decorating...put the lights on the house and the big wire tree outside......but we will definatley have a big REAL tree in the house soon enough......

i leave you with this years "Spider in the Corner of the House"
Image hosted by


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

i suck at this title stuff

sorry..maybe harpooning your mothers was a bit harsh...but i could have thought of worse started out good and quickly went to the dumps with the failure of technology..i also had my share of clumbsy mistakes which i really thing i hate worse than others stupid mistakes is my own...i would have punched myself in the face if it wouldn't hurt so bad.....anyway..i'm just looking forward to my annual camping trip..hopefully i can get off work the whole day on friday the 18th...even a weekend trip would be great. i also get to see the MLS championship match on sunday with 7 others...that will be great fun......then soon enough it will be thanksgiving and then christmas and then my birthday....all that with the addition of cooler weather....that's why late fall and early winter is my favorite time of much fun packed into a short amount of time....maybe with all the good things i'll forget about the crap at work...anyway i gotta head's a killin me.

oh yeah, how do you like my new blog title bar...i used real brown ya'll have any suggestions for me...(i've already thought of me swimming in brown sugar)....if your lucky, i can make you a kick booty blog bar

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i need some change

well....things are the same at work. some okay days and some days that make me want to harpoon your mother. Those days I stay away from people whenever possible so i won't harpoon them...I know, that sounds bad, but i don't think it will ever happen...i like your mom...
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anyway, i'm really needing some change right now...of course living in a wilderness area and having a girlfriend and leaving the country for a couple months would be a great way to change things up, i'm talking about smaller changes....i don't feel older or more mature than i did when i started college. sure, i have a job, an apartment, and a degree, but i don't feel any wiser or experienced in life. i have no discipline in tidyness despite all the chores i grew up having to do. I know how to clean, but i just don't care...i have horrible eating habits (either nothing or fast food for breakfast and lunch)..sometimes i get a decent dinner via TND and Grace Cafe, and occasionally eating out other than fast food...i have reallized food and/or lack thereof directly affects my mood and health..of course health. I am in the worst shape of my life..although i'm still like a cheetah in short sprints (older possibly injured cheetah), I lose my energy in about 5 when i played basketball the other night and started seeing grey spots and vision was going within 5 minutes of's ridiculous..

anyway, i need to make some changes...i know marriage must force maturity to rise a couple levels so i have a disadvantage there, but i can make some better choices in my personal habits. I really need to make breakfast..either eat cereal or actually turn on the stove and make an egg and some bacon or something....I even bought coffee today...i need to make lunch and dinner more often...but it is very difficult to cook for one person...i don't like leftover too much..i need a few days in between eating the same thing twice.

I need to get back into shape. I don't wanna pass out playing ball with guys twice my size running circles around's bad..real bad...running is boring, and so it lifting i need to play sports or something....

I need to clean my dang drawers are empty and my floor is least the living room is clean sometimes..and the bathroom get cleaned for company.

I also need to increase my spiritual discipline....i hardly ever read the bible...and when i do, i'm always hurrying myself so i can do something else instead. i need to pray more....for more than just my needs and wants.

anyway, as you see, i need to change a lot..i want to be someone who is admired for their balance of maturity and humor....who is disciplined enough to make good decisions with food, money, and time....who gets stuff done...even outside of paid work.

i need seriously....i need joy...i need happiness...i like those things..but most the day i spend irritated and have said things i shalt not say(believe it or not)

so this has become almost a confession of my life...despite the great friends and family, and possessions, and gifts and experiences i have had, there is still more to gain for a more satifying life..

I'm not saying that I'm completely lost and hopeless, and that my life is going down the toilet...There are many things in my life that i'm lucky to have...There are things i love about me, and I have talents, and discipline of many things. I just want to be more than i am....i'm tired now...goodnight.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, Zane Walker Brown

As of Thursday, October 6th, 5 something p.m. , I became an uncle for the first time. My brother and sister-in-law had themselves a baby named Zane Walker to expand the Brown tradition....of...expanding the Browns. Zane, being a boy follows a pattern in the family of boys. My sister broke that pattern in 1983 when she was born...She was the only girl on my dad's side of the family. I got a brother, four boy cousins, 3 or four boy 2nd cousins, my dad had two brothers, no sisters, and maybe all his cousins were guys...maybe a girl in there somewhere but you get the picture. Anyway, my mom's side of the family is all girls so that manly trend may not make it too far. I don't know all the details of genetics anymore so i shall move on.

Anyway, my mom, dad, and i went to go visit them this weekend. we decided to fly because it's cool. We left O'Brien airport on flight Cessna N5244L when it was still dark outside...nice chilly calm dark morning.
Image hosted by
we kept of got lighter outside
Image hosted by
the sun finally came up enough to see all the terrain
Image hosted by
we eventually past over the Red River
Image hosted by
and even flew over some small mountain like areas..i don't what you call them
Image hosted by
finally after 3 hours, we were ready to land in Bentonville, Arkansas (the home of walmart and many other companies)
Image hosted by

Andy, my brother, picked us up from the airport and took us to their place...only about 10-15 minutes away. We were very excited to meet our new family member. We stayed with them all day...we talked, examined the baby, took lots of pictures, ate, and slept and held the baby more, and ate was a fun time. Zane really is a cute little baby with the funniest cry... The bottom part of his mouth will shake really fast when he cries....sort of like a daffy duck laugh...but not the duck sound...anyway, zane pretty much slept the whole time were were there...occasionally he opened his eyes long enough for a picture...but usually he was upset if he opened his eyes because he would was tricky finding a time when his eyes were open and he wasn't crying at the same time....i did get some good pictures of him. I do wish Kara could have been there on this trip. I almost feel bad that I got to see the baby before her. She is a girl, and this is an emotional time for her. I think she wants one of her own or something..she cried when she heard about zane being born....i guess it was a happy cry. anyway, here are some picture of zane.
Image hosted by
Zane's supposedly very large hands and feet
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Zane with mommy and daddy
Image hosted by
Zane with Papa and (I forget what my mom wants to be called)
Image hosted by
Zane with me
Image hosted by
Zane with Kara and Zach (neither who could not make it)
Image hosted by

After our exciting trip, we headed back home..I just listened to my ipod and was very cool..and cold...but i was okay..we are all okay.
flight back and some city lights
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Thursday, September 29, 2005


sorry guys...i promise i'll post something soon..i just really feel like i have nothing to say...yes yes...feel sorry for's okay...i'm just writing this so you know that i still exist and that i do read ya'lls blogs...every day......i need to get my numbers up so i need to write something extraordinary.....something about cats..or my Lack of Dating Because of Putting in No Effort Extravaganza....that should be both boring and depressing.....or maybe i'll write about how i really want to leave the country..or at least state, for at least a couple months because i feel like i'm ticking away till the day i blow up..soon..but some days it feels like someone wet the fuse and cooled me down....those days are good...anyway, i really want to go to's sad...going to abilene will feel like a great vacation to me....and a great opportunity to find a good freshman girl to's the way i see it....i get hooked up with a girl who is fresh into college (notice i did not say fresh out of highschool cause that would just sound bad.)..anyway..we would agree not to marry till she the time she graduates i should be advanced in my career making a good income and i could immediately start buying her everything she wants(which will luckily not be much cause the girl i marry will be happy enough just experiencing me as her fiance)....then i could have my three kids....after having our fun time first(living in colorado, wyoming, idaho, or montana first for a few years while i work a relaxing job and snow ski, and hike, and rock climb, and travel, and camp the whole time...even make money doing photography on the side...i'd have my own little store at Yosemite or something. i'd have a good barn cat..but short haired so it doesn't get all scraggly full of burrs...i'd also have an alaskan husky cause they are beautiful...but intimidating..i'd probably breed it with the cat to make a superpet of sorts....umm...oh...i'd have to have an RV too...but i dont' wanna drive it cause it's big so i'll hire someone to drive it but he would take the job for free just so he could travel....anyway, i'm going to bed..goodnight

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

finally..i'm ahead of the game

I bring you my latest fix to satisfy my electronic now I introduce my nano...don't drool on your keyboard
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Image hosted by
Image hosted by
the end

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ode To Red-Eyed Tree Frogs

thanks to zach, i used my creative talent to give my ode to red-eyed tree frogs.
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Monday, September 05, 2005

dangit...i've been tagged

First memory: first memory takes place in california, where i was born. I remember a was at night and their was a campfire type of thing. everyone was dressed up all country like..i remember a lot of the kids had these horses on a stick and we were riding (running) around the campfire like a bunch of cowboys...anyway, i was probably 3...or even two.... .

First kiss: ummm...assuming my sister or mom does not count, i have yet to lock lips with a hottie..or even a not so hottie...but one day it will happen, and then cows will be coming home, and fat ladies will sing, and it will be snowing in hell.
Image hosted by

First concert attended: this is a tough one..i never really went to any concerts...i did see some banjo band play songs in a town called lipan....but that's hardly a concert in today's standards...i would say the Carmen concert i went to in junior was reunion arena.

First love:
well, it would probably be my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Laritzen (Mrs. North now)...but my first love that was attainable would be a girl named alicia from 5th grade...we were on a field trip when i first noticed her...she was wearing a long pretty dress and she had such a pretty face..i was pretty giddy about her...but then there was amy reed from church camp...she really got be frazzled...she the first that i actually spoke to in person...besides Mrs. Laritzen.

First thing you think in the morning:
Lord, give me the strength to push away the masses of single, hot, christian girls that flock to me on a daily basis...Help them understand that I can only pick one.

First book you remember loving: of course it was The Pokey Little was very comforting to read or have it read to was one of those books with the gold spine on it...and cardboard pages.
Image hosted by

First pet:
well, when in california, we had a dog named charlie...i don't remember anything about him, but apparently he was a huge dog that loved to chase gofers...he protected us but also got hit by cars or sprayed by skunks or maybe even stuck my porcupines..i forget...the first pet that was a big part of my life was a cat that my dad got from a coworker....her name (the cat) was Mrs. Roosevelt...she was a very good natured cat..ugly as sin, but very sweet and motherly...she got even uglier when her tail got chopped off by belt or fan in a car...we were on vacation and she went to a neighbors house and got up under the car where it was warm, but they started the car and it chopped off her tail...she just had a scabby nub from then on..she lived quite a lot of years..i need to find a picture of her.

First question you'll ask in Heaven (If that's allowed):
Is there like really awesome camping spots here?

First place you think of when you hear the word vacation:
i would say Colorado..or California. My family has gone to colorado almost every year i can's so awesome to go relaxing...their is nothing better than colorado in the summer...perfect temperatures, beautiful places, great camping...awesome.
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First best friend:
well, i don't like putting my friends in an order..i love the friends i'm with here in dallas. they all are a huge part of my life...there would be no reason to be here if they werent' here....but if i had to single a person out, i would say Guillermo Gonzalez....he's up in baltimore working at johns hopkins now...but i've been friends with him since kindergarten...we grew up together we know more about each other than anyone else. we can say anything to each other...we are like family sometimes..if i went to his parents house they would feed me and treat me just like guillermo...his dad would even make me do some work for mom is his second's cool.

Last time you dressed up:
i don't know what dressed up means...i mean, i have to wear sunday type clothes to work...but i guess at my sisters wedding was the last time i really dressed up...being a groomsman, i was in a tux...and very hot.

Last thing you ate:
Mexican food with the neilands and nathan gray and bethany powell. see the futures blog for this question.

Last CD bought: um..Jars of Clay Redemption Songs...and Moby 18....then Jars of Clay got stolen as it was in my car CD player when it got stolen. stupid freaks.

Last time you cried: when i watched Remember the Titans the other night...the end is emotional..very eyes watered a last actual cry was when i lost job i got right before i moved into my first apartment...i didn't know what i was gonna do..i needed a job fast so i could actually pay my rent. yes i hoo...then i got my revenge...not so much.

Last time you told someone you loved them:
to my mom..on the phone..yesterday

Last really fun thing you did: oh man...same as the futures blog again...playing keep away in the pool with some of the youth much feet hurt..and zach almost broke my's bit crooked and bruised but it was worth it....we swam again.

Last thing you watched on T.V. awesome Discovery HD program about Tigers of the Sunderbans...very eaters

Last Halloween costume:
I was a Snow Skiing Hobo this year. It was very original and entertaining. I need to find a picture of that so you can see the splendor.

Last Concert attended: Well, when i was in New York this past week, I saw Ciara perform a few songs. It was a 7:00am concert so i didn't know who would actually have a concert at 7:00am...but it was for Good Morning America, so that's why it was so was okay...i didn't relaly pay much attention..but i have pics to post of that.

Last time you had a really moving spiritual experience:
i don't remember exactly..but ive prayed really hard at night then slept and had a great sleep and woke up feeling very refreshed and lively and knowing that all is feels like God has appointed that day to be a great day.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Your Brown Sugar Update

It's been a while...i've just been lazy so i apologize....There have been several notable events in my life that past few weeks, and there are things coming up for me.....So a few weeks ago, my bike was was a good mountain bike. only had a it a few months....i had it locked up to my apartment stairs and someone done come and snipped the cable and took the was only a hundred bucks or so but i still just want to run over the guy that took it and then beat him with the cable and lock he left behind. I never had anything of any value stolen from me before it sucked.......anyway, a couple days later, I woke up to go to work, but when i got in my car, i noticed the middle console was open and stuff was laying around....then i looked to my radio and it was gone....some homo jackass thug took my radio.....two days after my bike....i could have been the same person..but i just don't know.....i put in a police report and contacted apartment security but nothing has come up yet so i guess i'm out of luck on getting anything back....and i don't have any of that covered under really every drive in my car is silent and really dark at radio provided most of my light in the car..........oh...and i deactivated my car alarm a long time ago because it was annoying and causing problems, and i never had any problems, but i reactivated it now....but there is nothing else to steal. is going okay...we were bought out by our biggest competitor, but i won't say much about that except that we all kept our jobs and things haven't changed much yet....i'm almost afraid to talk about work related events just in case i have to keep things will hear more on that later....but i am in no danger of losing my job...sooo..that's good......ummm....i am going to an FC Dallas soccer game this weekend...It's the grand opening of the new Pizza Hut Park in's the first soccer complex of it's kind in the U.S.......a soccer sadium that holds about 20,000 with suites and clubs, and all sorts of cool stuff......and 17 other championship grade soccer fields......It's gonna rock....My good friend Megan and I will be going so we will get to witness history in the making.....awesome.......................ummm.....coming up for me is a trip to Baltimore to see Guillermo....I haven't seen him in a very long time and I've never been in that part of the country so it's gonna be fun....we are actually going to spend most the time in New York where there is more stuff for us to do...or like to do.....I will be leaving wednesday august 17 and come back sunday night.....almost 300 dollar whatever i spend in new york.....i'm gonna be soo poor....i hate worrring about money but i have needed to go see him for too long now......i'm spending too much in too short of two weeks time i'll have spent money on phone bill, credit card bill, utilities, rent, plane ticket, soccer game tickets, dinners and attractions in new york, place to stay in new york, clothes from the mall, eating out here in dallas, and grocery shopping....oh and gas that's horribly expensive....i'm sure when i get back from New York, i will be broke......but hopefully not....

i have been procrastinating a couple projects that will get me some money...i really feel bad for doing it but i just have no discipline to work once i leave my actual job....i really need that money....i'm not really rolling in dough anyway.....but i am Brown Sugar and I do have my ways. anyway, that's it for now...sorry...i want to add links to some stuff but my browser doesn't support that feature for some reason....maybe i'll add them later....peace.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thanks Everyone!

I'd like to take this time to post my thanks and appreciation for viewing my blog. I never knew I was gonna be such a hit. It's you, my audience, that are the real heros. My life has not been full of exciting things to post. I do not write debateable posts or really anything worth the precious time God gave you, but you still come to my site, seeking meaning to life and answers, and maybe some humor. I do what I can to raise the quality of life for the common man..and woman.

My blog has almost reached a milestone in blog history. I'm am approaching the 20,000 visits mark, and I have only had the counter for about a month. Somewhere out there must be thousands of strangers who don't know me, but make it a priority for me to be a part of their daily routine. If you are one of those incredible strangers, then please feel free to comment with a word or two....kind words only...please......if a negative word is typed, then i will imagine you being severely wounded from a rabid me, you dont' want that... is another Ode to La Gato.
here is pokey. pokey was a wonderful pet...a pure joy. but don't be fooled by the name....he was quite the rambunctious character when the mood hit him. His favorite activity was to run and pounce on your back if you were working in the garden. sure it hurt, but you can't help but love it. he lasted for a good while. he died peacefully in his sleep on the was sad, cause i was petting him for a while before i realized he died.....i knew he was sick, but whatever sickness he had, it came fast and hard....i'm sad thinking about it.
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here is pokey and another cat...we must not have kept the siamese long cause i dont' remember it...but he looked pretty cool.
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the end

Thursday, July 14, 2005


so this is cool....when i went to my parents a couple weeks ago, i was searching in my old closet for stuff i want to keep with me at my place....and i found my autographs of the i believe to be 1992 US National Soccer Team. They were training in dallas one night, and my sisters soccer team got the hook up on the info so they went to the practice and we all got autographs. it was most cool. here are the autographs...all i had was cool soccer stuff with me for them to autograph on.
Image hosted by

WAIT A MINUTE THERE!.....I knew my old roommate had a hidden talent he never told me about.....Travis Tidmore DID play on the US National Soccer team......i knew it...i lived with a sports star for two sweet is that.
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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Yes...we are cool and we do mean betta watch yo self!
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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Diary of a Strange Boy

A couple weeks ago, I went home and searched my old closet for things I would want in my new apartment. Mainly, I wanted to find my autographs of 14 of the US National soccer team members from the early 90's. I did:). I also came across my old diary (i will call it journal to be more manly). I received this journal on Christmas 1990. I never was good at writing stuff in it. There are only a few pages that i actually wrote something on.....except for the flip page stick figure animation that goes from half way through to the end of the book....It's a stick figure falling from the top of the page to the bottom and big explosion happens...anyway, i read through most of the d..journal in a couple was frickin hilarious....i'm sure it's more funny to me than it would be for ya' know.....anyway, i decided i will do the no no and show ya'll my is the first page...this must of been written near Christmas of 1991, a year after receiving it.
Image hosted by you read, you know i am obviously in a state of remembering. I'm remembering the other gifts I received the Christmas before, when i got the journal...the keyboard was great, but i doubt i actually played neat music on it...except cool sound effect..and a song from the water dropplet effect that was pretty and made me tear the bebe gun was awesome...we shot many things...mostly empty cans, occasionally bad stray dogs or cats...and i killed a bird which i've always felt bad wasn't even a was a blue bird of some kind i believe....i said it was an accident...i was really skill....i even "shot a pez away"...the candy dispenser.
Image hosted by
Now the second paragraph is the Christmas that's near....i'm guessing Christmas of 1991....that christmas i guess i "wand"ed lots of stuff. I must have used up all my bebe's that i received the previous year...i needed to shoot the gun know how it is....i was also into's weird...i'm afraid of them now, but if i didn't hurt me then, i guess they can't now......anyway, that's all i wrote on that entry....more to come..i hope you enjoyed.

Friday, June 24, 2005


Well, this weekend, I am moving out of my efficiency apartment and going across the street to The Cliffs. I will be rooming with Tim in a two bedroom the process i will be saving money too..yay. I think it's gonna be good for the both of us.....we have a cool backyard too....a lake and green grass to play on. I should be packing now but instead i've made a cool new title picture and stuff...I will be without internet for a couple days after we move until the cable people come...then i will get internet the honest way...instead of "borrowing" it like i am now. I also hope I get better phone reception...i keep forgetting to check every time i've gone to the new apartment....if i dont' get better reception, i would be tempted to get new service...or gripe out sprint for being sucky in this part of Dallas. i've almost destroyed my phone cause of it's cutting out...but it's not the phones fault i'm sure...he just gets stuck with the blame.....let me know if you want my new mailing address...i don't want to post it here in case there actually is a psycho stranger or freakishly obsessed stalker girl who would like to hunt me down...but then again...that may be a good thing. ok bye.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ever Wonder?

Don't you guys ever wonder how i became such a world class athlete?....where did i start?.....what is the origins of my you still have to wonder because i can't find my pictures of me on The Scooters......but you will see a slightly later time.....maybe a time when i realized without my parents telling me, that soccer was the ultimate sport....this was the time that i began my path to manhood and no longer was a weenie girly boy....this photo marks the beginning of my journey. see those girly legs, those inch thick shin guards, those Tops cleats, that blond hair.
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as you can see, it all started on the A-TEAM. That's Right!..not the B-Team or JV Team....but the A-TEAM!!..i so wish i still had my A-Team jersey...not this one..but a later one that had 3 stars on each rocked...anyway, soccer is what developed my skill as a human made me an ultimate gave me incredible strength and agility......i can run to and fro like a gazelle...i can kick small animals farther than made me a new that pictures can hardly express, but it's the only thing that comes close.

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Monday, June 13, 2005


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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Random Picture Story On Crack(little sleep but lots of sugar)

This is a story by Adam Brown to all who accept me as me.....

So while in New Orleans, we were all in search of the magical crawfish....this crawfish was magical cause it was of the jeremy jackson breed. After going through many many ordinary crawfish, I found the magical one. He was happy as all get out....I was relieved yet ticked for how smiley that little guy was for hiding so long....i felt like thumping his little head.....even doggy was a bit suprised at him. He said, "by golly, that little feller done smiled at me." was a bit less amused...he stayed his distance not knowing what crawjackson could do......even mr. snake wanted in on the action(jackson).

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the end.

Monday, June 06, 2005

my daggum counter

so about two or three days ago, i put the counter on my page (below all the links on the right). now, earlier today, it showed like 27 hits to my, that could have been real...but no one wrote any responses to my blog.......but that's besides the point...well....2 hours later i checked the site and it said 600 something hits....then 10 minutes later it said 800 something.....then now like 30 minutes later it says 1000 something its......i don't think that's right...there may be like 20-30 people that even know my blog exists...and only half of those have probalby actually looked at it....something is wrong with my counter....what the heck.......anyway that all.....i'm not as popular as you would think i am looking at the blog......well, i guess the counter isn't gonna do me any good.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Gothic, Colorado....almost paradise

Hey guys..sorry, cats will have to wait till I gather some pictures....anyway, this post is meant to be informative. Maybe I was inspired by Jeremy's pictures, but I felt like letting you know of a wonderful place all should visit. I introduce to you gothic Colorado...that's my sister in the picture.
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Gothic Colorado lies north of Crested Butte on a dirt road. We had never heard of Gothic but a kindly person told us of some great camping up that road...We almost didn't take it cause it was a rough muddy dirt road that went on forever. It was a beautiful drive. It was like the most green lush and beautiful place I had seen in a while, but little did i know what Gothic really was like.

After driving a while we started noticing strange things....wonderful things happening. We saw people wandering through the woods. They were walking slowly, looking around, then we would see more people and more people..back deep in the woods randomly wandering around....we didn't know what was going was like something weird out of an X-files episode. Then I noticed the wonderful part as we started getting closer to the people...all these people we saw were young women...they very very attractive young women...we saw probably 15 beautiful young women walking around...It was like some weird paradise....I wanted to get lost out there and run across one of these mysterious people.......anyway we make it to the camping site and it's peaceful, great trails, great views. We went on some hikes where I took this picture.
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The next day we wanted to find the actual town. Finally we find the sign (in the first picture) that reads,"Gothic Colorado, site of The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, founded 1928." This sign was the explaination of all the weird things we saw....this whole town is basically a school for studying and experimenting biology. All those incredibly beautful women walking around were students or scientists. (we did eventually see men for you ladies out there.)...These people we saw wandering around were examining plantlife, and wild life...they planted plants, and tagged animals, and did all sorts of biological stuff...and they do it deep in the woods in random places. They were all attractive people and in shape cause they all hike and bike ride, and ski for excersice. Gothic, Colorado was a very interesting and beautiful place..they even have a gift shop and post office for those who need those things. I believe everyone should camp up there some time...i know single guys would love it....(by the way, Gothic was named because of a mountain that looked like buttresses (spell?) on a gothic cathedral. I leave you with a view from the dirt road near Gothic. I have many more great pictures...(sorry no Gothic babes were photographed)
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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


i do have a correction to make...Calamity was in fact a male and he was named before the attic fan accident occured. He was named Calamity because of it's hard times as a kitten who was abandoned. His name had become a hint of what was still to come through the rest of his life. please read previous post if you don't knwo what i'm talking about....i still want your feedback about cats. thanks......more cat stories to's like Mrs. Roosevelt, Pokey, Agent Orange, Toby and Lulu...maybe even Smokey if i have time. Please stay tuned...hopefully i can find pictures of them all.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

i like cats, alright...geeze

what can i say, i like cats....the title bar cat is my grandparents's really outdoor cat, like cats should likes to take walks.....but it stays behind you a little ways so it appears that he's independent and doesn't need protection....he's gray soft and cute....i just don't understand you cat haters out there who think they are evil.....tim, josue, debbie, you know who you think they are useless........some cats are mistreated or they are not raised by cat lovers, and throughout time they become bitter and hostile towards humans....there are some cats i'm afraid of....i don't like that cats that you can't get 20 feet from without running...those cats are giving other cats a bad reputation....i dont' steriotype all dogs just because my friends pitbull amost bit my face off......or my neighbors dog almost got a piece of my backside..........or my other friends dog that has known me for 15 plus years and has growled (in a bad way) at me for the whole time........i don't hate dogs...just those why do you cat haters hate cats.....what experience made you turn from all cats have been nothing but pure joy for all who come near them...they are nice, they are kind...they are giving and and never ask anything but love in, i'm gonna post pictures of cats that have come through my life. this first picture is Calamity or Cortez....they were of course later in my life....sadly they didn't last long...they were people loveing and very fun. we nursed them back to health. Calamity (solid white long haired) was named after getting caught in the attic fan. my sister thought it was a mouse so she turned on the fan to kill it i thing she knows is fur, blood, and meowwwing!...broken tooth and chopped ear but okay otherwise....the vet drugged and stitched and she became better....Cortez (solid black short hair) was built like a panther...looked dangerouse and could do some damage, but knew people were good and so was he....he was name cortez because he loved to explore...he adventured the farthest from our house at a younger age than other cats we had.........both cats are no longer....calamity must have had more calamity with bad dog or coyote...she will be missed....cortez adventured too far away and decided he liked it better across the street...i haven't seen him around....if he is around, hes probably protecting lady cats....he was nice like that.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


hello....if you are reading this then my blog must be working again.

Monday, May 09, 2005

It Could Have Been Your EYE!

alright guys, so i have also put carmex in my runs in the least between me and my cousin (who is currently attending ACU)...Carmex does hurt so you better be thankful it wasn't your eye.....I was demonstrating the effect of haveing carmex in the eye so ya'll would know not to do that when so urged by peer pressure to do so. I didn't want anyone to learn the hard way. I was placing the life of my eye in danger for ya''s all in love....and what do i get?..i get harrassed and made fun of. Isn't the eye pain enough?...must i go through personal humiliation from ya'll goodness gracious....someday i will be thanked.....if not for saving your sight, at least for a good laugh.....But, i have grown out of that stage. I will not be posting pictures of carmex in my eye...just cause i don't wanna get carmet from my finger onto the know.....BYE.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Funny Story (Treadmill of Death)

Hey everyone, I have yet another funny story. Its on up there with my listerine incident. So I was at the weight room last night. Zach and Melissa went with me....or I went with them...whatever...anyway, I was doing my rounds on the weights. First my legs, then my pecs, then legs again then arms, then the treadmill. So I was on the treadmill doing what I do pretty good and that is run....I started slow then got faster and faster. Some very kind Indian dude was on the treadmill next to me. There are three TV's in the room. One on the corner to my right side, one in the middle and one in the corner to my left side. I was scanning bits in pieces on each TV. One playing basketball, one playing news, and the other some political comedy. I'm pretty good at quickly looking while staying straight on the treadmill, but that night had a different fate for me. i had the treadmille up to 7.5 miles per hour....a rather fast speed for doing a mile. I glance up and to the left to see the TV on the left corner. I mean to just glance but I end up paying too much attention to the TV. I end up running crooked on the belt and my left foot steps half way off the belt causing my left leg to spin quickly. I loose my balance and fall forward after trying to save myself. It happens so fast that I cannot grab the rail on the front and I fall on the spinning belt with my head on at the front. Then it shoots me backwards on my stomach and off the treadmill. That moment it became an angry beast...or the giant fish/whale that spit Jonah out. It spit me 7.5 miles per hour. I have the knee scrape and knuckle scratches to prove it. I quickly stand up flustered and look around to see if there was anyone who saw...Of course Zach and Melissa and the kindly Indian dude saw. The incident was loud and I made some panicky moan that could not have gone unheard. The Indian dude quickly got off his treadmill to assist me, but I told him I'm okay, then I made some stupid joke to lighten the situation. I'm just so glad that there were no more people in the weight room. That would have been really embarrassing....only nerds fall off of treadmills. So I have become a nerd.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i have no clever title

so here's what's been going on as of lately. As you know, i've managed to purchace a new computer and software. I currently has two small design jobs already set up. Both of them are logos and stationary. I love doing that stuff. I have also bought a new digital camera it's a Nikon 4600. Now I can add pictures to my blog. I know that's what ya'll have been waiting for. In fact, I have added a picture to my profile. I don't like my pictures much, but it'll do. I'm thinking about getting an underwater case for it....not because i go in the water much, but because it would be cool to have...just in case. Later on when i start making my millions of dollars, I'll buy the best digital SLR you can get.

For some other news, my lease is almost up so I got some planning to do...whether i will renew the lease for the same apartment, or swith to a different place, or room with somebody. Either way, I still plan on living in the village. I love it here, except when my friends want to tell me that cats are horrible usless animals. That hurts me...I grew up with cats. They are entertaining, affectionate, soft, and playful animals. They purr....and they they bury their poo for crying out loud. What other animal buries their poo. Dogs sniff their poo....i guess cats do too but it's only so they can cover it up better. Dogs also go back to their's Biblical.....Some people are emotionally effected by cats. They say cats are arrogant...My goodness, can a cat's arrogance really have that bad effect on people....They aren't arrogant....They just don't put up with crap...People just don't know how to deal with cat.....anyway, I'm sure there are many arguements against cats..but i haven't heard a legitamate one. I do like dogs..i'm not dissing dogs...but cats can be great pets...all mine have been very welcoming and people lovers.

anyway, i gotta go

Saturday, March 26, 2005

bloody fun this post is made to annoy my coworker who doesn't care that i am a natural born lifesaver. so, as you may have read in debbie's blog, there was a blooddrive at skillman church. I have never given blood before and thought it would be a good time to i arrive moments after debbie and josue.....i boldly answer the questions and let the nurse prick my problem....i'm not afraid....then i sit in the chair and they squeeze my dang arm till it's about to pop....i guess that makes the blood flow better...not sure...anyway, after they rubbed some sterylizing stuff on my are, i figure i would watch the process......and i did.....and i regret ever looking at them put the needle in my arm....that thing was a straw into my arm but i did well........never got dizzy or sick or anything.....i drank my juice and left......i was to wait 5 days to get my blood type.......then i knew it.....i had the feeling all along...but i never had the proof.....I'm a natural born life saver! blood type is O neg. I can give my blood to anyone...i'm compatible with all of should feel safe around me....if you get hurt ask me for some of my gotta have a doctors note though...anyway, but with good news come better new.....i'm not only a natural born life saving machine.....i'm also naturally selfless and humble......i can't accept anyone elses blood except another O neg..........Surely God will consider my bloodtype when he let me into Heaven.....he did make me this way:).....alright....enough talk.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

um...i dunno's been almost a month since my last post. Not much has changed in my life. I'm still working, breathing and what not....I did make another big purchase however....a couple months ago i had purchased a brand new imac's so awesome...lots of ram and a dvd burner, 17 inch flatscreen.....really sweet...i also bought speaker that mach.....but last week i finally made my only other major purchase for the computer and i'm so glad that's over with...i now own the Premium version of Adobe Creative rocks..and it was as expensive as the computer itself. Now i own photoshop, illustrator, indesign, golive, imageready, acrobat all i need to do is build up some graphic design jobs to make a little money on the side.....that was the whole point of getting all this if anyone needs a logo made or some other design work, feel free to ask me about it....but please...don't gaurantee someone that i'm gonna do some job for them...i need info first.....anyway, now i'm really wanted a digital camera...i'm a bit behind the rest of the world in that regards..........and cable internet in my apartment is much wanted...but i gotta pace my spending some....anyway...i'll finish later..i'm at work..

Monday, February 28, 2005

Music....and the Weekend

alright, so my TJ McCloud CD finally came in...I had to wait all weekend......torture....anyway, i got it here at work so i haven't got to pay attention to it much, but what i did hear was good was a good change from what i experienced this weekend....I rarely go to concerts...and the only ones i have been to are caedmons call, jars of clay, and maybe a couple others....Those are good bands to see...This weekend, i got to see Stavesacre at The Door in Deep Ellum...The Door is the Christian club and Stavesacre is a Christian band out of southern California. They were pretty good but a little harder than i prefer....Stavesacre wasn't the problem, it was the opening bands...It's dad would say Stavesacre is a bunch of people yelling and screaming and make no sense at all, but I say they are just loud....but the opening bands were those i would say just yell and scream in the microphone.....literally, that's what they did..supposedly they were screaming words but i didn't hear any....I thought i knew what hardcore music was, but i was, i know that those hardcore bands reach out to those few hardcore is possible that they are a good ministry, but's hard for even me to understand that stuff.....and i'm not that was a bunch of behemothic sounding screaming and the guitarists almost hurting themselves while they spaz on the stage.....i was sure some singer was gonna get whacked by the kneck of a guitar being throwed around.....anywho, like i said, the main band was pretty good.....even the last hardcore opening band was someone ears were still ringing untill about noon on Sunday....well, that was my weekend......oh...i did go bikriding around whiterock lake...very fun..okay...i'm done

Thursday, February 17, 2005


so i found myself yesterday making small talk to rather attractive (daggum gorgeous) girls yesterday.....5 years ago, i would have been fidgety and shaking and studdering and possibly make an embarrassing noice if a girl of this beauty said a word to me, but i was confident at that moment for some reason....enough so to know they were sort of sophomores but they didn't know cause the art institute doesn't do normal semesters..they are interior designers and one is interning at a company and the other is not working currently......this knowlege may be insignificant but it's one step up from where i used to be....after they left i reallized i didn't even get their names....that's one of the harder things for me to do...if i ask their names, in my mind, that means that i am telling them, i want you..........i do want them..or one of them at least, but i didn't want to come across that way for some boss says that they are out of our league....i dont want to believe that...if so , i hope i can expand my league in that direction. i need a recruiter to do some searching or something...but i get the final say whether they are in or out.....anyway, i'm searching for a girl who is of course a good Christain. I know the church is the best way to do that, but it's always girls outside the church(my physical church group) that want to get to know.....should i go on a date not knowing if the girl is a Christian or not....should i invite her to church as one of our first things together......iv'e always thought the first person i really seriously date is the one i will marry....if i'm always interested in girls i don't do i get to know them without dating them.......anyway, i don't know anything about girls i talked to except for what came up in that conversation....and that they were extremely attractive and seemed nice at that moment......of course they left without a hint that i was attracted...what if she was a good Christian girl and i let her go like am i supposed to know who to date without dating them first.(unless i know them already)....i know i know. i need to pray about it.....God will provide...but how much do i rely on him, and how much part do i take in finding a girl. do i just sit back and do nothing and God will show this girl with flashing lights and arrows pointing to her......does he require me to pursue someone and He makes them accept my pursuance....what does it mean to rely on God to provide the perfect girl for me?...does that mean i need to be idle or does it mean I just trust that God will make my actions a success...any comments any feedback....i could also use prayers too.....thanks...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

recent news

i haven't written anything in a while so heres the recent news....I'm still at blaylock reprographics. I should be able to pull out money for medical insurance soon and i may be getting a raise soon...i don't know how much, but i'll be happy with anything right now. I have also been making some purchases for myself. The coolest thing i bought was a new computer a G5 with over a gig of ram. i'm saving up now for software....and i really need to get internet at my apartment...maybe the raise can help with that if it's enough....i've also had some overtime lately that will help...I have also bought a new bike....99.99 at target...a Vertical mountain bike.....21 speeds and shocks..and front and rear brakes....totally cool.......i guess i'm still doing guitar skills are slowly coming along....a bit slower since the computer and i've been watching the 1st season of 24 on dvd...i've watched way too much but it's so good a can't quit watching....i've watched about 17 episodes since saturday....but i'm not a loser.............anyway...i gotta girl talk this time...sorry.....

Friday, January 21, 2005

blogging if flippin hard

i've tried my best to keep up with this blogging stuff..but it's hard. I thought I would have one everyday when i first signed on to blogging, but i just don't know what to say. It's hard to come up with something just because you feel like you if people are relying on my blogs to get them through there day. I do enjoy jeremy's blogs but i don't keep up with sports. I'm not living in hollywood either...I am also a man of little black and white and a lot of gray...i don't hardly have favorites of anything, or strong opinions about many things...only in the past year have i made any strong political opinions. I don't have any favorite band, or favorite food, or favorite song, or favorite movie, or ice cream, or color, or Bible verse..........If you were to ask me "Do you like blue or green better?", I wouldn't be able to give you a straight answer. I would break it down to shades or categories, or transparencies...i love emerald green...but i may like cobalt blue just as well....i don't even know....steak it great to eat for dinner and breakfast...but grilled cheese and tomato soup hits the spot some days......i can't tell you a favorite Bible verse cause i feel bad leaving other verses out....i can't tell you a favorite movie cause i have to categorize into comedy, action, drama, cartoon.........even then there are subcategories i can't explain....i just sense....So how does a guy like me engage in good does a date learn about me if i can't anser any question cause i don't know...or can't make up my mind....the hard thing about being a man of much gray is that being a Christian requires more black and white than i an often willing to express (if thats the word i'm looking for)....sometimes i questing things....if something is a sin, is it a sin in all situations.....if something is good, is it good in all situations....even solomon some gray areas in all his wisdom....some verses say one thing and others say the opposite....maybe he isn't gray about it...maybe he is black and white depending on the situation.........but these are just thoughts...i didn't necessariliy plan to go in a religious direction.....anyway i hope i can be a little more black or white and a little less gray...but i've seen some that need to go the other way........anyway, i gotta go..i'm at work and i've lost track at what i'm saying so i better stop before i confuse someone....ttyl...DATE ME IF YOU'RE A FINE YOUNG CHRISTIAN LADY!!!

Monday, January 03, 2005

2005 The Year of Brown Sugar

Alrighty, so the holidays came and went. I didn't buy anybody's gift this year. I didn't even finish making the gifts either. I had the flu for Christmas, but I tried my best to enjoy it anyway. It's not the best way to end a year, but i'm hoping for much for the new year. 2005 will be a great year. I can tell already. I don't care much for new year resolutions, but I believe great things will happen this year. Afterall, 5 is my favorite number...and my fifth birthday in 198FIVE is one of the few i remember. i said, i don't do new year resolutions but there are some things i hope happen anyway....i hope they happen at some time in my life that is. I'm in the worst shape of my life. I need to run more and work out more and play sports more. I'm still skinny but i'm sure my time will come. I need to officially "date" a girl...the same girl........I hope to advance in my job(get a raise at least.)I hope to reconnect with friends that i havent talked to in a long time. I should apologize to my DXP friends who i have sort of put out of my mind for too long.....I got a guitar for Christmas so Jim Drachenburg should teach me...cause he's the man who got the skills. Well, these are some things i neeed to do, but i'm at work and i'm being rushed off the computer so that's it for now...i'll finish later