Monday, September 18, 2006

taking a poll...not pole

I'm just doing some quality control on my blog. I've Had a concern that my blog text is waaay too small. It is also very small from my work computer, but i've seen my blog on other computers and it looks just fine.

How many people are experiencing very small text when viewing my blog? it a browser thing? it a PC/Mac thing......(I think i've seen it on IE, Firefox and Safari from my computer and it all looked fine.

Monday, September 11, 2006

electricty off......then on....then eww gross

so i got home from work and the electricity was off...i got home late cause i worked late so i didn't know when it went off...several buildings were out of power....anyway, i figured it would be back on soon so i went outside to talk on the phone cause i don't really get reception in my own the middle of freakin dallas..ridiculous sprint....anyway, i talked for an hour to guillermo and the electricity was still off....then i talked to laura for a while...still off...then zach my dad texted some people and went to zach's apartment and came was still off....then i overheard someone say it has been off since 3:00 in the afternoon and the electric company was supposed to be working on it at 9:00 cause they were busy messing with power outages all over i guess....anywho, I was outside at 11:06pm when the electricity finally came back on....naturally i knew that cause everyones lights suddenly came on....but i wish my eyes had gone off cause as i'm heading back to my apartment, i glance through someone elses window and there walking around in a brightly lit room was a large naked woman just doing whatever she does.....obviously i didn't stare cause the window was only 5 feet from me....and she just wasn't my type.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More with Boiling Springs Christian Youth Camp

Besides 'stupid', is there another scientific or medical term used to describe one who uses part of a question to come up with an answer to that question when it's totally wrong.

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I recently came across my Bible quiz booklet from Boiling Springs Christian Youth Camp 1990. I was 9 and this was my first year to attend. It was the best camp in the world...anyway. I was reviewing my scores for each days bible quiz and wanted to see what questions I was sad but very humorous what I saw. Below are word for word questions and answers that I bombed. enjoy.

Day 1 Question 5

Who else did Jesus say had been persecuted falsely?

My Answer: "Jesus"

Question 6

When our light shines and men see our good deeds, who will receive the praise?

My Answer: "before men"

True or False Question 6 (still day 1)

The right thing to do with a lamp is put it on its stand so it will give light to all in the house.

My Answer: False

Fill in the blanks Question 1 (day 1)

"If salt loses its saltiness, it is no longer good for anything except to be. . . .

My Answer: "no longer good"

Day 2 Question 2

What will a man be called who breaks one of the least commandments and teaches others to do the same?

My Answer: "the great in the Kingdom of heven"

Question 3 day 2 still

If you bring a gift to the altar and remember your brother has something against you, you are to leave your gift there and do what first?

My Answer: "heave your gift there in front of the alter"

Day 3 Multiple Choice 1

But when you give to the needy, do not let your. . . [mother] [preacher] [left hand] know what your right hand is doing.

My Answer: [mother]

Question 5 Multiple Choice

"But when you fast, put oil on your head and . . . [put on clean clothes] [wash your face] [comb your hair] .

My Answer: [comb your hair]

I am proud to say that I made a 100 on the last day of Bible quiz.