Wednesday, November 29, 2006


i'm going for a record here...i'm sure it's been beat before, but impressive none the car radio was stolen....AGAIN!!...the second time in about a year and a half......this time it was done at my the parking lot....about 30 yards away from a huge glass wall window that allows me and everyone else to see out into the parking lot at any time of the day(and i work at ground level).....and i work next to that window...but no one saw or heard anything....someone still managed to puncture my door and rip out the lock and then pry my radio out and close the door........don't make me explain the whole alarm and radio faceplate stuff....i know now that even 30 yards away in plain view is still not safe....but i leave the justice to God....BUT THE SWEET REVENGE IS ALL MINE!!!!....ok..sorry...i will probably get no revenge.



1) my bike
2) my panasonic car stereo
3) my Alpine car stereo
4) . . .STAY TUNED. . .

Sunday, November 12, 2006

my november 12 for 12

okay so really, i really really want to do a 12 for 12...i keep forgetting...and well, i forgot again until like 11:45pm.....i thought, forget it.....and then i thought, you know what, i'm gonna do it anyway...i didn't have anything good to take picture of seeing as how it was 11:45pm and i'm almost in i get my digital camera and just plan on taking pictures around my apartment....boring i know, but at least it's something...anyway, after taking two pictures, my camera batteries died, so i looked for these AA batteries i just knew i bought a few weeks ago...then i realized i gave them away as part of a present to someone (little zane)...he likes sucking on batteries...he's silly...he's only 1 year old....and i'm kidding..they went inside this educational puppy thingy....anyway, so then i thought i would just use my cell phone's camera so i took some pictures with me in them..but since i was ready for bed, i had few clothes on and the internet is not ready for my sexy i decided i'll just have to wait yet again for December's 12 for 12.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

dark friday

Friday, November 10, 2006 is a dark day in my history. My manhood was challenged, but rest assured, i am still on the track of mandom.What happened to me was merely a glitch in my was not typical nor unheard of....but i never thought it would happen to is only something 'others' would do, not me......
I RAN OUT OF FREAKIN GAS ON MY WAY HOME FROM WORK!...but luckily enough, i was able to sputter off of the tollway and onto royal ln....and then coast to a small uncrowded road....there, i called upon josue to rescue me...thanks josue

Thursday, November 09, 2006

my clothes

i think my clothes are pants are riding higher on my ankles and my shirts are feeling more snug.......why do clothes shrink so much?....but i sort of like the snug's like a hug all day long.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thanksgiving 8 mile Turkey Trot

So two weeks ago I had a goal. The goal was to train to run the 8 mile Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. This goal would mean serious training time to be put in in just a little over a month. I happen to be in the worst shape of my life...and every second that goes by, I break my worst shape record again. My plan to reach that goal was to run every day and be generally healthy in diet and sleep.....So here is the progress....In 14 days, I have run twice......the longest run being 2 miles before I was about to pass out.....I have eaten fast food over half of the days......and I have had a miserable cold the past 4 days which will take a while to recover from enough to do any serious the big question is, CAN I POSSIBLY BE ABLE TO RUN THE TURKEY TROT IN ANY RESPECTABLE AMOUNT OF TIME?...who knows

Saturday, November 04, 2006

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