Tuesday, May 23, 2006


friends, romans, countrymen:

for those of you who don't know, I HAVE AN AMAZING GIRLFRIEND. Her name is Laura Ferrera. She went to high school with me and was my first date ever when i took her to prom my junior year (her sophomore year). we recently connected again over myspace. She has had a very exciting and sometimes stressful time since her highschool graduation, but i'll let her tell you when the opportunity comes. She is a beautiful genuine Christian girl who puts God first in everything. She currently lives in Red Oak and works in Waxahachie at a womens fitness gym.....she loves working out and so that will definately keep me working out myself when i have time. (i've become a bit lazy in that field:()... She is a wonderful person and I am honored to be her boyfriend and i'm looking forward to getting to know her and her family and friends a lot better. It has been well worth the wait:)

her brown sugar;)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

listerine part 2

as some of you may know, i had a listerine incident nearly a year ago...choking, burning, eyes, listerine mess all over my mirror and counter and face....not a pleasant moment....it took me a long time to forgive listerine for the outburst against me.....but things have gone well until this morning....

this past weekend, i went to the store and noticed a new listerine....it was Listerine whitening pre-brush mouth rinse......i have been using that the past few days and rather enjoyed it....this morning, i felt like i didn't need to necessarily brush...i mean, i just brushed before i went to sleep so what could be the use of brushing....i decided that after the listerine pre-brush mouthwash, i would then use the listerine normal mouthwash...both have different uses...one is for whitening (and kills germs)...the other is for killing germs and plaque which can cause gingivitis and has tartar control....i figured this would work in place of brushing just this once....

let me tell you now......do NOT do that...........everything was fine at first....i rinsed my mouth with the whitening pre-brush listerine..it was a joyous time...then i got the good ole normal listerine and started swishing it in my mouth.... then the attack began.....my mouth started burning horribly and my teeth felt like they were corroding away...they starting feeling like fine sand paper......and then my skin was buring off.....literally....i pulled a piece of skin out of my mouth....it was disturbing....i didnt' know what to do. i couldn't stand the feeling..my teeth did not feel smooth like normal...i felt i had burned through all the enamel and only brittle nubs were left in my mouth.....it didnt' seem logical but all i could think to do was then brush my teeth with my normal toothpaste...that actually helped...my teeth rebuilt their coating during my brushing...my mouth still burned for a while.. but i'm okay now

i learned once again that listerine is like a bully in the mouth....one is not so bad but when you get two together they cause all sorts of havok...my goodness..i'll never use 2 listerines in the same morning ever again.