Friday, January 21, 2005

blogging if flippin hard

i've tried my best to keep up with this blogging stuff..but it's hard. I thought I would have one everyday when i first signed on to blogging, but i just don't know what to say. It's hard to come up with something just because you feel like you if people are relying on my blogs to get them through there day. I do enjoy jeremy's blogs but i don't keep up with sports. I'm not living in hollywood either...I am also a man of little black and white and a lot of gray...i don't hardly have favorites of anything, or strong opinions about many things...only in the past year have i made any strong political opinions. I don't have any favorite band, or favorite food, or favorite song, or favorite movie, or ice cream, or color, or Bible verse..........If you were to ask me "Do you like blue or green better?", I wouldn't be able to give you a straight answer. I would break it down to shades or categories, or transparencies...i love emerald green...but i may like cobalt blue just as well....i don't even know....steak it great to eat for dinner and breakfast...but grilled cheese and tomato soup hits the spot some days......i can't tell you a favorite Bible verse cause i feel bad leaving other verses out....i can't tell you a favorite movie cause i have to categorize into comedy, action, drama, cartoon.........even then there are subcategories i can't explain....i just sense....So how does a guy like me engage in good does a date learn about me if i can't anser any question cause i don't know...or can't make up my mind....the hard thing about being a man of much gray is that being a Christian requires more black and white than i an often willing to express (if thats the word i'm looking for)....sometimes i questing things....if something is a sin, is it a sin in all situations.....if something is good, is it good in all situations....even solomon some gray areas in all his wisdom....some verses say one thing and others say the opposite....maybe he isn't gray about it...maybe he is black and white depending on the situation.........but these are just thoughts...i didn't necessariliy plan to go in a religious direction.....anyway i hope i can be a little more black or white and a little less gray...but i've seen some that need to go the other way........anyway, i gotta go..i'm at work and i've lost track at what i'm saying so i better stop before i confuse someone....ttyl...DATE ME IF YOU'RE A FINE YOUNG CHRISTIAN LADY!!!

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The Future said...

confusing but good.