Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Dreams Are On Hallucinogens

So throughout my life, I've had many crazy dreams. I don't know what everyone else dreams, but sometimes I believe mine are absolutely on crack. I will just quickly tell you the two very short dreams I remember from last night. If you want to know other dreams I've had throughout my life, you can ask me would make for some good coversation.

First dream from last night I remember:

-----I'm swinging from a rope above a pool of sharks. They are jumping trying to eat me while I am kicking them when I can. I'm holding onto the rope with one hand and holding something in my other. I don't know what i'm holding but I am trying to protect it for some reason.-----
I wake up, roll over and fall back asleep

Next Dream

----I'm holding this little creature in my hand. (it must be what i was trying to protect in the previous dream.) It's cold outside. I look down and notice it's a 3 inch tall little Human Cat Baby i'm holding. I approach a camping trailor that I must be living in. I put the 3 inch tall Human Cat Baby in a little box mounted on the side of the camping trailor. He is a cheerful little fella. He is hungry so I spoon feed him some Marshmallow Cream. Some gets in his eyes but he's okay. He's happy. I close him in his box and the dream comes to an end.-----



If you can interperet dreams, please let me know.

Adam Brown
-making your wildest dreams come true-

Sunday, August 05, 2007

My New Car

So last Saturday evening, I end up purchasing a brand new car. It's my first new car. I traded in my Camaro and got me Honda Civic. It's quite the change but it was needed. I was hoping for $1,000 trade-in for the camaro, but I only got a whopping 500......this was mostly cause the AC was no longer functioning. In Texas, I guess that's a big deal. Other than no AC, my camaro had no radio, and no lock on the driver side door, and it was over heating. The sucky part is that I spent so much on my camaro this year but it was falling apart faster than I could fix it. The dealership is getting the better deal cause the EGR Valve was new, the door window motor was new, the brake system was rebuilt, the thermostat was replaced, the catalytic converter was new.......but still, they don't care how much work I put into it.

But my new car is great. 2007 Honda Civic EX sedan. (got the sunroof and fancy wheels)..the pics are below.
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I hope you liked it. I love the color...and the ride is way smoother and quieter than the camaro.....and it's pretty zippy when I need it to be. the end

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yea! I got a new car!!!

See title. Pictures will come when I have daylight to take them. I'm happy and you should be also!
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Photoblog

hey guys,

I followed the steps of Jeremy Jackson and created a photo blog. I hope to add a new photo every day. My photo blog is at . Please take a look and critique/give compliment/acknowledge my pictures. Also visit to see jeremy's photoblog. thanks

Adam Brown

Monday, May 14, 2007

a little known interesting fact.....about me and a cave

There is an interesting fact about me...but i'm not sure of the year or date of this event...and I tried finding information about it online but there was none. It's probably kept secret to keep from scaring people away.
A few (or several) summers ago, my family went to Carlsbad Caverns because we hadn't been there since I was too young to remember. The night we got there, we watched the bats exit the cave. It was very cool. We were to go through the cave the next morning. We woke up early the next morning because we wanted to beat the crowds. We showed up before they started letting people in for the day. We waited around and we got to go in shortly behind the first of the cave guides. As we were going through we heard the cave guide ahead of us talking in is walkie talkie with a panic/excited/concerned voice. We finally get to him and there was an enormous rock that had fallen directly onto the trail...completely crushing the hand rails and blocking the path. The guide helped us safely get around the huge obstacle and we finished the tour...We seemed very much alone during the rest of the was rather pleasant.Come to find out, they had stopped letting people in for safety reasons....they needed to inspect the cave-in and see what the danger was of more rocks falling. The cave was closed the rest of the day I believe.This may not seem too interesting, but my family made history that day. Never before or since has a cave-in ever been recorded at Carlsbad Caverns, and the odds of a huge chunk of the cave falling directly onto the walking path was out of this world. And the odds that my family was a few of the dozen or so total people to enter before they discovered the rock was very very small.My family made history....we each were 1 out of 549,587,335 people worldwide who could have experienced this secret (yet highly significant) event.