Monday, January 30, 2006

technology hates me

so i'm just now getting around to my first job all day (it's 4:00 now and i got here at 8:00am).....this lack of work is not because it's been slow, but because technology doens't want me to stay caught up....i must always be scrambling and working my butt off to make the customers happy. i went to missourie a couple weeks ago...i was gone for 2 days and apparently work was extremely slow so my asssistant had nothing to do for those two days i was gone.....but when i get back, she gets sick....but when i'm by myself, we get slammed hard....i can't keep up...2 jobs come in i work on one....another 2 jobs come in and im now on the second just builds up and builds up......well, this past friday we finally get caught up by the end of the day...caught up as in i have no jobs pending...all jobs are completed......but now it's monday and when i get back to work glad to be caught up, technology lets me down....the network is jacked up...i can't print to any printer or access important harddrives that i need to operate...the tech people come in at around 8:45 and work until after 3:00 to fix the problem...but now that it's fixed, i have 6 jobs piled up on me that i otherwise would be able to knock out as they came in......but now i have to start a new week behind on jobs again...just whe i thought i was caught up.....oh and i just realized my mail is not working now...i need to call the tech guys back i guess..........but everything will be customers like me and i always find a way to make them happy...i'm just good like that......and if things do go wrong, i can just blame my assistant...that's the best way to handle all problems.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Good movie, stupid audience

I saw Glory Road was a good, emotional, intense, inspiring, movie about a team overcoming obstacles....can't go wrong..and it didn't go was worth going although the people behind us seemed to try their best to make it suck for everyone else......if you are one who talks on your cell phone, or throws ice, or carries on your own conversation, laughs at unfunny parts, or leaves and comes back about 10 times, you should seriously think about eating rat poison...cause dealing with me is worse....okay okay...i didn't kill anyone but i actally had to get up and get theater security to do something about it...that's after they were already told to "sshhhh" and "shut up"...where they replied "there are 5 of us and 3 of you, what are you going to do about it".....little did their little brains know that it would have been the whole theater vs. 5 half-witted teenage thugs....(there werent' threatending me by the was someone else who told them to "shut up"...but i would have backed him up fo sho......anyway....when i walked town to find theater security, the two louder trouble makers actually followed me down mocking me....if i wasn't such a nice guy, i would have wailed on them seeing as how they were saggin so low they probably couldn't run away.....but i jsut kept walking....but when i got back, the theater security came up afterwards...but everyone was quiet then so they couldn't kick anyone out of the theater.....after security left, the thickheaded thugs came back and made more noise....but eventually the whole group got up and left for good.....i dont' even know why they came.....they all wasted their parents money...i don't think they paid attention at all......anyway, i didn't let them ruin the night........go see the movie....sorry it's been so long since i've blogged....nothing much has been going seriously.