Thursday, July 14, 2005


so this is cool....when i went to my parents a couple weeks ago, i was searching in my old closet for stuff i want to keep with me at my place....and i found my autographs of the i believe to be 1992 US National Soccer Team. They were training in dallas one night, and my sisters soccer team got the hook up on the info so they went to the practice and we all got autographs. it was most cool. here are the autographs...all i had was cool soccer stuff with me for them to autograph on.
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WAIT A MINUTE THERE!.....I knew my old roommate had a hidden talent he never told me about.....Travis Tidmore DID play on the US National Soccer team......i knew it...i lived with a sports star for two sweet is that.
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Cherese said...

are you serious? no way...

Tidmore said...

man I forgot all about being on the 1992 US National Soccer Team! Super SWEET!!