Tuesday, May 31, 2005


i do have a correction to make...Calamity was in fact a male and he was named before the attic fan accident occured. He was named Calamity because of it's hard times as a kitten who was abandoned. His name had become a hint of what was still to come through the rest of his life. please read previous post if you don't knwo what i'm talking about....i still want your feedback about cats. thanks......more cat stories to come...cat's like Mrs. Roosevelt, Pokey, Agent Orange, Toby and Lulu...maybe even Smokey if i have time. Please stay tuned...hopefully i can find pictures of them all.


Anonymous said...

-wit- this is too much. all you cat haters out there need to repent. judge not! -/wit-

but really now, i loves me the felines. my cat, gus, actually died last august after a very adorable existence of 15 years. the cat was ancient, but i loved him to death (no pun intended). he was the sweetest animal ever, and what has replaced him, might you ask?: an obnoxious little yorky that has a serious problem biting people instead of licking. what the crap?! cats are a gazillion times better!

rail on, adam. rail on. save the cats.


Shea said...

whoa...nice...yet freaky.... profile picture!!!

Cherese said...
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