Saturday, November 27, 2004

Abilene High vs. Southlake Carrol

today i saw one of the best games of all times in any sport. Abilene High against #1 in the nation Southlake Carrol. Even though Southlake won 35-30, Abilene played one heck of a game. The most exciting part was being down 35-23 with about 2 minutes left in the game. Abilene scored a touch down and extra point for a 35-30 game, then Abilene got their own onside kick and everyone was yelling for joy. it was sooo awesome....we came so close to winning...about 10 yards away but a couple fouls brough us back to 1st and 30, and sadly they intercepted the ball to end the game. I am proud of Abilene for not giving up and scaring the pee out of those rich show off Southlake stupid heads. I wish so much that the small west texas town would have killed the city boys of southlake. oh well, maybe next time. i know abilene would have made it to the finals if they had played any other people in the running. Now Southlake has to play Denton Ryan whom I don't care for because i've played them in soccer. those giants annoy me. anyway, way to go Abilene!!! You made my 10 bucks worth it just in the first quarter.

Monday, November 22, 2004

My Camping Extravaganza

alrighty then, so i went camping this past weekend. This was the second rainiest davey crockett camping trip in our history. The worst time by far was camping in the fall of 2000 with jeremy (the juice) and zach (prophetic future). That trip, it rained literally nonstop from friday evening to sunday noon, and it was about 40 degrees at most. That was rather miserable. On top of that, on the first night of rain, our tent collected a couple inches of water on the inside soaking all of our pads, sleeping bags, and clothes....and we endured it the whole night. we moved to another tent aftarwards. Also, we created a creature of a heinous sort. The mixture of smoke, water, breath, body odor, and our 70 year old tend yielded a malodorous monster we proudly call "The Stench". The stench inhabited anything that lay rest in it's path. It had the power to reproduce itself on anything. I threw away a rain coat after it got infected. I tried to rid it of "The Stench" but hot water and soap could not slay that ghastly beast. A hazmat team had to come and disinfect all who could not escape it. I have a respect for that thing now, but I never wish it upon me or anyone else.

This past trip was not so bad....It got up 70 degrees and only rained half the time. The stench was nothin more than my tent mates feet this time. I would have to say the best part of camping this time was sitting under the tarp that was hanging above the campfire and listening to Zach S. and Kelly P. play the Guitar. Something about campfires and guitars is so peacful. Maybe it's the peacfulness. Anyway, I was inspired to play the guitar again. I hope to learn now myself. I am convinced that being able to play true good ol' campfire music on the guitar makes a person a respectable guy. People look to you to draw the day to an end, to calm the hearts and minds and provide an escape from the rest of the world. Also, i'm sure the chances of getting any girl i want would increase by at least 40 percent...putting me up to 40 percent chance of getting a girl i want. so i will strive to teach myself the guitar which means i gotta find who has my mom's guitar and take it back....Butch!.....i also need to learn words and music to great campfiry musics john denver...and many others. okay i know this was long, but thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


it's so cool to have thursday's off work....cause this week i requested to have friday off so i can go camping with the ol maypearl church group. We go camping every year and it started with my grandparents. My grandparents love to go camping. When i was just a little baby, my grandparents would go camping at davey crockett national forest in east texas. They got my family to go with them. Them my family decided it wold be cool to go every year. So my family started going. Then we invited our close family friends, the owens. Then we went with the owens and the bucks. Then we added another church family. Then we openly let anyone who wanted to, to go camping from the church. And now, probably over 15 years later, the tradition still continues and my family's camper is the focal point of all the other camping sites. It so cool and this year we are going again. I hope it don't rain the whole time.....The worst year ever what when it literally rained nonstop from friday night until Sunday noon...and it was 40 degrees at most. my family has also gone camping in colorado most of my's a great tradition for families and i encourage everyone to go camping and make it a tradition in your family.......especially if you are starting yoru own family.......if you don't like roughin, it's still worth going in a camper. It's peacful and very fun. I'm done.

Monday, November 15, 2004

listerine and stuff

i'm glad you all get to laugh on the expense of my well being. i am rather traumatized by the listerine, but i have decided not to file a lawsuit. Afterall, I did choose to relax my throat to allow the listerine to go deeper for even more citrus fresh breath....that's the price you pay i guess. i may change back to scope however. scope is not as intrusive and mean to me, but it may not have the germ killing, plaque ridding power of listerine. What are y'all thought's on that? That's all i gots to say today. until next time, whatever..

Saturday, November 13, 2004

one week and stuff

hello my people!..i have successfully made it through one week of work and haven't wrecked or been totally lost yet. soon i will be comfortable driving throughout the trickiest of dallas rodes.........enough about work. anyway, i've been thinking that i can't compete with zach and jeremy on the amount of stuff i have to say so i'm gonna ramble about things that come into my head. First off, tonight there is a large amount of movies on tv that i would like to watch and it's not even on cable....saturday rarely has any movie i would care to see but Harry Potter, Men in Black, Red Dawn, and Beverly Hills cop are all on on one parents voted Potter'm going to maypearl for church tomorrow cause i actually have a job and good news to tell really want a cat or dog or both.....i like the loyalty of dogs...but i like the easy control of cats...but really i want a siberian husky when i move to colorado in several had a bad mouthwash episode this i was gargling, some listerine went too far down my throat and triggered a gag and coughing fit that led to listerine coming out of my nose and mouth and going all over the mirror and feeling like it was about to come out my eyes causing a horrible eye burn and then heart burn for the amount i swallowed.....overall a very uncomfortable experience....good thing it was the milder citrus rather than the cool mint.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

i'm the man

hey guys,

today was my third day at work........after i made a delivery, a lady called the office and complimented me on how nice and well dressed i was. i wasn't back at the office yet so she told the mananger so i'm already on the good side of customers and managers. i dont' know why she complimented me....i didn't think making out was such a big deal.....haha..j/k...i wouldn't do that ......on the third day:)


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

SRT-10 was my second day at work.....and i parked next to a black was really really sweet.....if you don't know what an SRT10 is, your probably wouldn't care......if you do know, then i have no reason to explain my made deliveries all day long...but it's okay still


Monday, November 08, 2004

first day on job

hey hey

My first day on the job was today. It went pretty well. The location i'm at specializes in blueprint and architectural printing and reproduction. My job to start is to be a delivery guy. I spend all day making deliveries of our jobs and picking up new jobs from customers. Eventually I'll work my way into the shop....if i want....but delivery could get pretty fun..anywho, that's what i'll be doing for a long as i don't wreck one of the company cars, this should last a while. okay bye!

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