Thursday, August 04, 2005

Your Brown Sugar Update

It's been a while...i've just been lazy so i apologize....There have been several notable events in my life that past few weeks, and there are things coming up for me.....So a few weeks ago, my bike was was a good mountain bike. only had a it a few months....i had it locked up to my apartment stairs and someone done come and snipped the cable and took the was only a hundred bucks or so but i still just want to run over the guy that took it and then beat him with the cable and lock he left behind. I never had anything of any value stolen from me before it sucked.......anyway, a couple days later, I woke up to go to work, but when i got in my car, i noticed the middle console was open and stuff was laying around....then i looked to my radio and it was gone....some homo jackass thug took my radio.....two days after my bike....i could have been the same person..but i just don't know.....i put in a police report and contacted apartment security but nothing has come up yet so i guess i'm out of luck on getting anything back....and i don't have any of that covered under really every drive in my car is silent and really dark at radio provided most of my light in the car..........oh...and i deactivated my car alarm a long time ago because it was annoying and causing problems, and i never had any problems, but i reactivated it now....but there is nothing else to steal. is going okay...we were bought out by our biggest competitor, but i won't say much about that except that we all kept our jobs and things haven't changed much yet....i'm almost afraid to talk about work related events just in case i have to keep things will hear more on that later....but i am in no danger of losing my job...sooo..that's good......ummm....i am going to an FC Dallas soccer game this weekend...It's the grand opening of the new Pizza Hut Park in's the first soccer complex of it's kind in the U.S.......a soccer sadium that holds about 20,000 with suites and clubs, and all sorts of cool stuff......and 17 other championship grade soccer fields......It's gonna rock....My good friend Megan and I will be going so we will get to witness history in the making.....awesome.......................ummm.....coming up for me is a trip to Baltimore to see Guillermo....I haven't seen him in a very long time and I've never been in that part of the country so it's gonna be fun....we are actually going to spend most the time in New York where there is more stuff for us to do...or like to do.....I will be leaving wednesday august 17 and come back sunday night.....almost 300 dollar whatever i spend in new york.....i'm gonna be soo poor....i hate worrring about money but i have needed to go see him for too long now......i'm spending too much in too short of two weeks time i'll have spent money on phone bill, credit card bill, utilities, rent, plane ticket, soccer game tickets, dinners and attractions in new york, place to stay in new york, clothes from the mall, eating out here in dallas, and grocery shopping....oh and gas that's horribly expensive....i'm sure when i get back from New York, i will be broke......but hopefully not....

i have been procrastinating a couple projects that will get me some money...i really feel bad for doing it but i just have no discipline to work once i leave my actual job....i really need that money....i'm not really rolling in dough anyway.....but i am Brown Sugar and I do have my ways. anyway, that's it for now...sorry...i want to add links to some stuff but my browser doesn't support that feature for some reason....maybe i'll add them later....peace.