Thursday, September 29, 2005


sorry guys...i promise i'll post something soon..i just really feel like i have nothing to say...yes yes...feel sorry for's okay...i'm just writing this so you know that i still exist and that i do read ya'lls blogs...every day......i need to get my numbers up so i need to write something extraordinary.....something about cats..or my Lack of Dating Because of Putting in No Effort Extravaganza....that should be both boring and depressing.....or maybe i'll write about how i really want to leave the country..or at least state, for at least a couple months because i feel like i'm ticking away till the day i blow up..soon..but some days it feels like someone wet the fuse and cooled me down....those days are good...anyway, i really want to go to's sad...going to abilene will feel like a great vacation to me....and a great opportunity to find a good freshman girl to's the way i see it....i get hooked up with a girl who is fresh into college (notice i did not say fresh out of highschool cause that would just sound bad.)..anyway..we would agree not to marry till she the time she graduates i should be advanced in my career making a good income and i could immediately start buying her everything she wants(which will luckily not be much cause the girl i marry will be happy enough just experiencing me as her fiance)....then i could have my three kids....after having our fun time first(living in colorado, wyoming, idaho, or montana first for a few years while i work a relaxing job and snow ski, and hike, and rock climb, and travel, and camp the whole time...even make money doing photography on the side...i'd have my own little store at Yosemite or something. i'd have a good barn cat..but short haired so it doesn't get all scraggly full of burrs...i'd also have an alaskan husky cause they are beautiful...but intimidating..i'd probably breed it with the cat to make a superpet of sorts....umm...oh...i'd have to have an RV too...but i dont' wanna drive it cause it's big so i'll hire someone to drive it but he would take the job for free just so he could travel....anyway, i'm going to bed..goodnight

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

finally..i'm ahead of the game

I bring you my latest fix to satisfy my electronic now I introduce my nano...don't drool on your keyboard
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the end

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ode To Red-Eyed Tree Frogs

thanks to zach, i used my creative talent to give my ode to red-eyed tree frogs.
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Monday, September 05, 2005

dangit...i've been tagged

First memory: first memory takes place in california, where i was born. I remember a was at night and their was a campfire type of thing. everyone was dressed up all country like..i remember a lot of the kids had these horses on a stick and we were riding (running) around the campfire like a bunch of cowboys...anyway, i was probably 3...or even two.... .

First kiss: ummm...assuming my sister or mom does not count, i have yet to lock lips with a hottie..or even a not so hottie...but one day it will happen, and then cows will be coming home, and fat ladies will sing, and it will be snowing in hell.
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First concert attended: this is a tough one..i never really went to any concerts...i did see some banjo band play songs in a town called lipan....but that's hardly a concert in today's standards...i would say the Carmen concert i went to in junior was reunion arena.

First love:
well, it would probably be my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Laritzen (Mrs. North now)...but my first love that was attainable would be a girl named alicia from 5th grade...we were on a field trip when i first noticed her...she was wearing a long pretty dress and she had such a pretty face..i was pretty giddy about her...but then there was amy reed from church camp...she really got be frazzled...she the first that i actually spoke to in person...besides Mrs. Laritzen.

First thing you think in the morning:
Lord, give me the strength to push away the masses of single, hot, christian girls that flock to me on a daily basis...Help them understand that I can only pick one.

First book you remember loving: of course it was The Pokey Little was very comforting to read or have it read to was one of those books with the gold spine on it...and cardboard pages.
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First pet:
well, when in california, we had a dog named charlie...i don't remember anything about him, but apparently he was a huge dog that loved to chase gofers...he protected us but also got hit by cars or sprayed by skunks or maybe even stuck my porcupines..i forget...the first pet that was a big part of my life was a cat that my dad got from a coworker....her name (the cat) was Mrs. Roosevelt...she was a very good natured cat..ugly as sin, but very sweet and motherly...she got even uglier when her tail got chopped off by belt or fan in a car...we were on vacation and she went to a neighbors house and got up under the car where it was warm, but they started the car and it chopped off her tail...she just had a scabby nub from then on..she lived quite a lot of years..i need to find a picture of her.

First question you'll ask in Heaven (If that's allowed):
Is there like really awesome camping spots here?

First place you think of when you hear the word vacation:
i would say Colorado..or California. My family has gone to colorado almost every year i can's so awesome to go relaxing...their is nothing better than colorado in the summer...perfect temperatures, beautiful places, great camping...awesome.
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First best friend:
well, i don't like putting my friends in an order..i love the friends i'm with here in dallas. they all are a huge part of my life...there would be no reason to be here if they werent' here....but if i had to single a person out, i would say Guillermo Gonzalez....he's up in baltimore working at johns hopkins now...but i've been friends with him since kindergarten...we grew up together we know more about each other than anyone else. we can say anything to each other...we are like family sometimes..if i went to his parents house they would feed me and treat me just like guillermo...his dad would even make me do some work for mom is his second's cool.

Last time you dressed up:
i don't know what dressed up means...i mean, i have to wear sunday type clothes to work...but i guess at my sisters wedding was the last time i really dressed up...being a groomsman, i was in a tux...and very hot.

Last thing you ate:
Mexican food with the neilands and nathan gray and bethany powell. see the futures blog for this question.

Last CD bought: um..Jars of Clay Redemption Songs...and Moby 18....then Jars of Clay got stolen as it was in my car CD player when it got stolen. stupid freaks.

Last time you cried: when i watched Remember the Titans the other night...the end is emotional..very eyes watered a last actual cry was when i lost job i got right before i moved into my first apartment...i didn't know what i was gonna do..i needed a job fast so i could actually pay my rent. yes i hoo...then i got my revenge...not so much.

Last time you told someone you loved them:
to my mom..on the phone..yesterday

Last really fun thing you did: oh man...same as the futures blog again...playing keep away in the pool with some of the youth much feet hurt..and zach almost broke my's bit crooked and bruised but it was worth it....we swam again.

Last thing you watched on T.V. awesome Discovery HD program about Tigers of the Sunderbans...very eaters

Last Halloween costume:
I was a Snow Skiing Hobo this year. It was very original and entertaining. I need to find a picture of that so you can see the splendor.

Last Concert attended: Well, when i was in New York this past week, I saw Ciara perform a few songs. It was a 7:00am concert so i didn't know who would actually have a concert at 7:00am...but it was for Good Morning America, so that's why it was so was okay...i didn't relaly pay much attention..but i have pics to post of that.

Last time you had a really moving spiritual experience:
i don't remember exactly..but ive prayed really hard at night then slept and had a great sleep and woke up feeling very refreshed and lively and knowing that all is feels like God has appointed that day to be a great day.