Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Funny Story (Treadmill of Death)

Hey everyone, I have yet another funny story. Its on up there with my listerine incident. So I was at the weight room last night. Zach and Melissa went with me....or I went with them...whatever...anyway, I was doing my rounds on the weights. First my legs, then my pecs, then legs again then arms, then the treadmill. So I was on the treadmill doing what I do pretty good and that is run....I started slow then got faster and faster. Some very kind Indian dude was on the treadmill next to me. There are three TV's in the room. One on the corner to my right side, one in the middle and one in the corner to my left side. I was scanning bits in pieces on each TV. One playing basketball, one playing news, and the other some political comedy. I'm pretty good at quickly looking while staying straight on the treadmill, but that night had a different fate for me. i had the treadmille up to 7.5 miles per hour....a rather fast speed for doing a mile. I glance up and to the left to see the TV on the left corner. I mean to just glance but I end up paying too much attention to the TV. I end up running crooked on the belt and my left foot steps half way off the belt causing my left leg to spin quickly. I loose my balance and fall forward after trying to save myself. It happens so fast that I cannot grab the rail on the front and I fall on the spinning belt with my head on at the front. Then it shoots me backwards on my stomach and off the treadmill. That moment it became an angry beast...or the giant fish/whale that spit Jonah out. It spit me 7.5 miles per hour. I have the knee scrape and knuckle scratches to prove it. I quickly stand up flustered and look around to see if there was anyone who saw...Of course Zach and Melissa and the kindly Indian dude saw. The incident was loud and I made some panicky moan that could not have gone unheard. The Indian dude quickly got off his treadmill to assist me, but I told him I'm okay, then I made some stupid joke to lighten the situation. I'm just so glad that there were no more people in the weight room. That would have been really embarrassing....only nerds fall off of treadmills. So I have become a nerd.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i have no clever title

so here's what's been going on as of lately. As you know, i've managed to purchace a new computer and software. I currently has two small design jobs already set up. Both of them are logos and stationary. I love doing that stuff. I have also bought a new digital camera it's a Nikon 4600. Now I can add pictures to my blog. I know that's what ya'll have been waiting for. In fact, I have added a picture to my profile. I don't like my pictures much, but it'll do. I'm thinking about getting an underwater case for it....not because i go in the water much, but because it would be cool to have...just in case. Later on when i start making my millions of dollars, I'll buy the best digital SLR you can get.

For some other news, my lease is almost up so I got some planning to do...whether i will renew the lease for the same apartment, or swith to a different place, or room with somebody. Either way, I still plan on living in the village. I love it here, except when my friends want to tell me that cats are horrible usless animals. That hurts me...I grew up with cats. They are entertaining, affectionate, soft, and playful animals. They purr....and they they bury their poo for crying out loud. What other animal buries their poo. Dogs sniff their poo....i guess cats do too but it's only so they can cover it up better. Dogs also go back to their's Biblical.....Some people are emotionally effected by cats. They say cats are arrogant...My goodness, can a cat's arrogance really have that bad effect on people....They aren't arrogant....They just don't put up with crap...People just don't know how to deal with cat.....anyway, I'm sure there are many arguements against cats..but i haven't heard a legitamate one. I do like dogs..i'm not dissing dogs...but cats can be great pets...all mine have been very welcoming and people lovers.

anyway, i gotta go