Thursday, June 02, 2005

Gothic, Colorado....almost paradise

Hey guys..sorry, cats will have to wait till I gather some pictures....anyway, this post is meant to be informative. Maybe I was inspired by Jeremy's pictures, but I felt like letting you know of a wonderful place all should visit. I introduce to you gothic Colorado...that's my sister in the picture.
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Gothic Colorado lies north of Crested Butte on a dirt road. We had never heard of Gothic but a kindly person told us of some great camping up that road...We almost didn't take it cause it was a rough muddy dirt road that went on forever. It was a beautiful drive. It was like the most green lush and beautiful place I had seen in a while, but little did i know what Gothic really was like.

After driving a while we started noticing strange things....wonderful things happening. We saw people wandering through the woods. They were walking slowly, looking around, then we would see more people and more people..back deep in the woods randomly wandering around....we didn't know what was going was like something weird out of an X-files episode. Then I noticed the wonderful part as we started getting closer to the people...all these people we saw were young women...they very very attractive young women...we saw probably 15 beautiful young women walking around...It was like some weird paradise....I wanted to get lost out there and run across one of these mysterious people.......anyway we make it to the camping site and it's peaceful, great trails, great views. We went on some hikes where I took this picture.
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The next day we wanted to find the actual town. Finally we find the sign (in the first picture) that reads,"Gothic Colorado, site of The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, founded 1928." This sign was the explaination of all the weird things we saw....this whole town is basically a school for studying and experimenting biology. All those incredibly beautful women walking around were students or scientists. (we did eventually see men for you ladies out there.)...These people we saw wandering around were examining plantlife, and wild life...they planted plants, and tagged animals, and did all sorts of biological stuff...and they do it deep in the woods in random places. They were all attractive people and in shape cause they all hike and bike ride, and ski for excersice. Gothic, Colorado was a very interesting and beautiful place..they even have a gift shop and post office for those who need those things. I believe everyone should camp up there some time...i know single guys would love it....(by the way, Gothic was named because of a mountain that looked like buttresses (spell?) on a gothic cathedral. I leave you with a view from the dirt road near Gothic. I have many more great pictures...(sorry no Gothic babes were photographed)
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Cherese said...

very cool pics. Your blog rocks. Rock on brownie, rock on.

Malaysian Debster said...

You need to move to Gothic, Adam. Looks like the grass is greener (in every sense of the word) on the other side. =)

Brown Sugar said...

i don't know...they were hot..but they were probably weird tree hugger people....i can't have someone who puts a plant before my own feelings...of course they may not be bad at all....i'll have to go back to find out.

Anonymous said...

Adam. As a caring uncle, I would be more than happy to take you back to Gothic. I am sure if I take my age, divide it by 2, add and subtract on either side, I just might find the right age range. But I am only going to help you out.


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you actually wanted to run across those people. cmon man. i bet if you met them they wouldn't be so bad.