Saturday, July 02, 2005

Diary of a Strange Boy

A couple weeks ago, I went home and searched my old closet for things I would want in my new apartment. Mainly, I wanted to find my autographs of 14 of the US National soccer team members from the early 90's. I did:). I also came across my old diary (i will call it journal to be more manly). I received this journal on Christmas 1990. I never was good at writing stuff in it. There are only a few pages that i actually wrote something on.....except for the flip page stick figure animation that goes from half way through to the end of the book....It's a stick figure falling from the top of the page to the bottom and big explosion happens...anyway, i read through most of the d..journal in a couple was frickin hilarious....i'm sure it's more funny to me than it would be for ya' know.....anyway, i decided i will do the no no and show ya'll my is the first page...this must of been written near Christmas of 1991, a year after receiving it.
Image hosted by you read, you know i am obviously in a state of remembering. I'm remembering the other gifts I received the Christmas before, when i got the journal...the keyboard was great, but i doubt i actually played neat music on it...except cool sound effect..and a song from the water dropplet effect that was pretty and made me tear the bebe gun was awesome...we shot many things...mostly empty cans, occasionally bad stray dogs or cats...and i killed a bird which i've always felt bad wasn't even a was a blue bird of some kind i believe....i said it was an accident...i was really skill....i even "shot a pez away"...the candy dispenser.
Image hosted by
Now the second paragraph is the Christmas that's near....i'm guessing Christmas of 1991....that christmas i guess i "wand"ed lots of stuff. I must have used up all my bebe's that i received the previous year...i needed to shoot the gun know how it is....i was also into's weird...i'm afraid of them now, but if i didn't hurt me then, i guess they can't now......anyway, that's all i wrote on that entry....more to come..i hope you enjoyed.


The Future said...

I like the change to cursive. You wanted to show Santa your amazing abilities, so perhaps he could send more Pez and shoes your way!

Malaysian Debster said...

Hey! Aren't Melissa and I worthy enough to be Pez's as well???

Brown Sugar said...

debbie's that ya'll are too good to be a pez...that's it.....but hey..jeremy is also a pez...i think maybe safari cuts him out..but i'm on internet explorer and he shows up....he's on the far jeremy, if you don't see you, you are on there..too add to your blog headshot collection.

Anonymous said...


i know those pezheads!

good memories to read about, and btw the only real difference between a diary and a journal is the use of lace and flowers. it looked manly enough to me. peace.


Hannah said...

umm, so adam, nice site!~!~ and awesome job on all that stuff u did!! umm, so i guess thats all