Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Sugary Update

let's see.............I still have an amazing girlfriend.....We have now been together for over a month and a week. That beats my old record of 0 days. She is the best. I don't get to see her much if at all during the week so the weekends are our time together, but I won't get to see her this weekend or next weekend so we will miss each other. I am going to Kerrville this week to go canoeing and camping with a large group laura rich is getting together. my laura can't make it to the trip because of work:(....but next weekend and the whole following week, laura is going to be in colorado. I am jelous. I will miss her but I think i'll be okay and i know she'll be happy (not to get away from me, but to be in colorado). I am still working at T.R.(thanks shea for the warning)...I put up with crap all day and am thinking of asking about a raise....i'm just trying to figure out the best way to bring that up.

here is the newest cat parents have another cat....someone put her in their garage when they were gone for the weekend. Her name is Penny...she really cute and fun...but she gets a bit crazy and will bite and scratch the crap out of your hand.....but it's cool and fun...and i have a secret enjoyment of getting scratched and bitten by cats. She loves to run and fight but doesn't run away from qualities of a good cat....

i'm gonna take a nap now....there is only 30 more minutes of work.