Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Morning in Downtown

on febuary 19th i got a speeding ticket.....this past weekend i decided to check the ticket and see how many more weeks i had to take care of it....little did i know, i only had 21 days to take care of it...not a few months like i thought i did..i was a week late...anyway, i call this lady at the municiple court and she says it's okay, and that if i want to take defensive driving, i should show up at the court at 6:00am and be one of the first 50 people in the morning to see the judge...then i should request defensive driving and i would pay a smaller fee and everything will be i wake up at 4:45 this morning and get ready to go to court then straight to work afterwards......i figured i would get to court at six and maybe stay about an hour or so at most depending on who happens to be there before i get i go to the entrance of the court and about 4 others are there already but they are standing outside and the door is's cold..about 36 degrees i think....anyway, i just thought someone was a little late...i didnt' think anything of it....6:15 comes around and the door is still locked...6:30....locked...about 20 peole are there at this time......6:45...nobody.....finally at 7:15 they unlock the door..there are about 50 of us waiting by this time.....i should have been one of the first 5 in but they opened the door that nobody guessed would open....anyway, i got number 16 to see the judge....we are finally inside the warm...but then we are told the judge doesn't start seeing people till 7:45.....and then since i'm number 16, i have to wait another 30 minutes on top of that because it takes a very long time apparently to process the paperwork....anyway, i get out of the court room around 10:00ish and i wait in line for another 20 minutes to pay my court fee and then was the most ridiculous waste of a i'm very tired and a huge job is supposed to come into work........but luckily i will take defensive driving within 90 days and my record will be clean....i did have to pay a 103 dollar court fee......

OH..the best part...i used all my change at the parking meter...i thought surely 2 hours will be wasn't....and now i have a $20.00 parking ticket.....maybe i should fight that one.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i just don't get some people

i've been thinking today about something that really iritated me......i can not stand it when people don't acknowledge and ignore others and ignore me especially......sever instances......during the heavy rain on Sunday, a leak in our living room ceiling developed...we are on the first floor of a 3 floor building so obviously my concern is that the people above us are flooding or something....anyway, i go up and knock on their door and don't get a i walk to see their window and the light is on and tv is on and i hear i knock again and no i ring the doorbell and no i leave..forget those bewitches...they are supposed to be our cares team also..they've never said a word to us....SO CRAPPY!

another instance....i find a 5$ bill on the ground just ouside my apartment and next to our neighbors is noisy and smells like smoke so he must be having a party....i knock loudly on his door several time and no one comes to see who it is....little to they know i have 5 dollars that probably belongs to someone in that i knock again and get no repsonse....IDIOTS!...i kept that 5 dollars.

yet another instance with the same girls from the first roommate tim is cooking a gourmet meal and he is needing to use some wine so he needs a corkscrew...we had one but is lost somewhere so tim goes to neighbors apartments and doens't get responses so he goes upstairs to the cares team apartment and knocks only to have their ignorant boyfriends answer the door in which they quickly and without any thought say "no, they don't have corkscrews"....they should all be slapped for these reasons (they are our cares team and don't answer their door, they have their boyfriends answer the door, and their boyfriends are stupid and didn't actually put in an effort to see if their girlfriends actually had a corkscrew)...sure there is a possibility they didn't have one, but please make an effort for crying out loud...i at least want an answer from the girls who actally live there....PEONS!

even another instance.......i few months ago, i did a logo for a guy my dad knows...anyway, i had him send the logo to my aparment, but after a whole week, i never got the letter....since the letter was important and contained a check, i did what anyone would do and politely went to ask my neighbors if they just happened to get mail that was supposed to go to 1201 or to Adam Brown......i get no response from two of my neighbors (but i really don't think they were home)...but the neighbor next to us was definatley home...i heard him walking around and messing with stuff....i knock at his door and no one comes...i knock louder in case he didn't hear me and no one comes....i know that he knows i'm there, but i ring the doorbell and no one freaking comes to the door...all i want is to ask a simple question....STUPID OLD HAG.

WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT...IT'S ONE THING TO BE SAFE AND NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO A STRANGER, BUT THESE PEOPLE HAVE SEEN ME...THEY KNOW I LIVE NEXT TO THEM....WHY BE SO RUDE AS TO NOT ANSWER WHEN I'M AT THE DOOR...I CAN'T STAND IT....I DON'T DEMAND A LOT OF ATTENTION...sorry...i dont' demand a lot of attention, but i hate to be ignored especially when i need help....maybe that's the difference between the Christian lifestyle and non Christian lifestyle..but it's really not...treat me the way you want to be treated...for real people...i'm not gonna rob you or steal your girlfriend, or raid your home...i just need to ask a simple questions.......does anyone else feel this way where they there something wrong with people these days where they don't feel they should acknowledge others in need...especially their literal neighbors....

Friday, March 17, 2006

I think a jail cell would be comfy enough not to get off track with the california trip, but a humorous issue has come up....i still do want comments on my previous post....anyway

so i got a speeding ticket on febuary was the first time i had been pulled over in like 5 years...but i have had a ticket before...anyway, so i put off taking care of the ticket because you know...i got time....i figured i would wait for a rainy day when there is nothing better to do.....anyway, today i remembered the ticket and thought i would check up and see how many more weeks i had to take care of my suprise, i had -1 weeks to take care of it...THE FRICKIN COURT DUE DATE WAS 6 DAYS AGO..... i only had 21 days to take care of it....i thought i had like a couple months..anyway, i'm in a pickle now....i have to wait till monday to call the court and and ask about payment (my fine could have doubled to $500 dollars which really really sucks....and i need to find out if i'm still eligible for defensive driving.....sometimes i'm so stupid...this is one of those will be an embarrassing day for me(funny to you) to be arrested out of my apartment for an unpaid ticket....but at least i would have a funny story to tell...but my parents probably won't think it's i'm just nervous about the police....i will not let them take me...i will not go quietly into the night!....if you are experienced in this situation, give me some good news.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Roommates?....or more..(Roommate Reunion 2006) the best of my knowledge were roommates and friends..nothing more, nothing less.
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a few weeks ago i got a much needed break, but it was way too short. I got to go to California and have a roommate reunion. I hadn't seen jonathan and shea or travis and jeri since their weddings. i see jeremy often enough...if that was possible...anyway, it was a funfilled weekened. Just some background information. Jonathan and Shea live in N. Hollywood- he edits movie trailer, she is acting...they have a kid who is a cat named Hurley..hurley plays............travis and jeri live at Pepperdine in Malibu- he is in law school, she is taking classes and working at the school......jeremy lives in chicago and is a flight attendant for southwest, i live in dallas and work for thomas reprographics....anywho

Jeremy was able to hook me up with some sweet pink passes so i could fly to california for free, but i have to be on stand-by which is just fine with me....i left early in the morning on a friday..i had to fly from dallas to el paso, to phoenix, to burbank. Jeremy and I meet up in phoenix and eat a small lunch...we get to burbank in the early afternoon and jeri and travis are their to pick us up...that was's crazy family alwasys drived usually takes a coulple days to get to cali.....but i got their in half a day with this space age technology called airplanes.
After we leave the airport, we meet up with shea and then go eat at In-&-Out..that was alright...then we went into hollywood and saw some theater with celebrity handprints, footprints, and signatures...some Graumman dude owned the theater or something...i dunno...i have pictures of that but i left my camera in travis' car when i left cali...who knows what's gonna be on that camera now....anyway, we also when to this hollywood wax museum...we saw a scary version of leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet from Titanic...
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also a weird combination of nicolas cage and mario
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after that we wend to the Guinness Book of World Records Museum...this was more fun but a little outdated....the girls made their dreams come true.
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after that, we went to this mall area and there was this room that had all the oscar statuettes in these displays. they were the real things...very heavy too..i was is a picture of some of us in front of the Brokeback Mountain Picture...
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and next is our Academy Awards for best acting like we really like Brokeback Mountain
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I am very tired and need to go to bed now...THIS IS TO BE CONTINUED....for episode, GRUBBSIE JOINS THE FUN AFTER A HARD DAY AT WORK....more good food and good times to come ...and it's not even Saturday yet!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

the time is here....err..near

you guys are in luck....almost.....i just received the pictures that will illustrate my time in,but i have 417 pictures to sift through and pick the best 15 or 20 or so for my blog...hopefully i remember the details still...but, if you have Myspace, you can check out some pictures of me on my profile..but you gotta be a registered member to view my the others besides my default picture...anyway, you can go to . i will do my best to have it posted by late thursday's the best i can do...don't give up on me....i never gave up on you......peace

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

take a chill pill

i'm so sorry..i really am waiting on trip is going to be old news before i'll be able to post..but i'll try to post with the same excitement and enthusiasm as when i first got back from cali..but it is funny to get more comments from a post-post rather than my real posts...maybe i should just stick with unfulfilled promises of future posts...that way i can see everyone who actually cares to read my blog..i do feel special.


REMEMBER, NO ONE IS TOO COOL TO JUST SAY "HI"....although this does have the feel of one of those daggum chain letters that demand you do something...but at least i have no promise of something good or bad to happen to you....the only thing that happens is that you waste 30 seconds of your time and i get excited about all the people who read this. that's all.