Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ever Wonder?

Don't you guys ever wonder how i became such a world class athlete?....where did i start?.....what is the origins of my awesomeness....well...today you still have to wonder because i can't find my pictures of me on The Scooters......but you will see a slightly later time.....maybe a time when i realized without my parents telling me, that soccer was the ultimate sport....this was the time that i began my path to manhood and no longer was a weenie girly boy....this photo marks the beginning of my journey. see those girly legs, those inch thick shin guards, those Tops cleats, that blond hair.
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as you can see, it all started on the A-TEAM. That's Right!..not the B-Team or JV Team....but the A-TEAM!!..i so wish i still had my A-Team jersey...not this one..but a later one that had 3 stars on each sleeve..it rocked...anyway, soccer is what developed my skill as a human being...it made me an ultimate man....soccer gave me incredible strength and agility......i can run to and fro like a gazelle...i can kick small animals farther than most....soccer made me a new man....one that pictures can hardly express, but it's the only thing that comes close.

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The Future said...


If you're such a man, why do you still have girly legs?

Tim said...

His face is very pale. Looks like he's about to vomit after the big game!

Anonymous said...

In Sugars defense. He got the better legs of the whole Brown clan. We Brown's specialize in bird legs and knotty aftermarket looking knees. Sometimes I think we got the same body parts used on the opossum. We do however have the market cornered on charm and all men in the family are natural chic magnets!!!!!!


Brown Sugar said...

it's true.....our knees are spare parts........and chicks like us...they are mesmerized by our ability to be.....us.

The Future said...

Nice gif!! I was thinking of doing something similar!!

Cherese said...

brown...you are seriously tempting me to say something un nice. I would have to represent all women looking at this. I'm using a lot of restraint... ahhem. YOU..ARE..A ..CHIC...MAGNET!!!.

phew...you have no idea how much that hurt.