Saturday, November 27, 2004

Abilene High vs. Southlake Carrol

today i saw one of the best games of all times in any sport. Abilene High against #1 in the nation Southlake Carrol. Even though Southlake won 35-30, Abilene played one heck of a game. The most exciting part was being down 35-23 with about 2 minutes left in the game. Abilene scored a touch down and extra point for a 35-30 game, then Abilene got their own onside kick and everyone was yelling for joy. it was sooo awesome....we came so close to winning...about 10 yards away but a couple fouls brough us back to 1st and 30, and sadly they intercepted the ball to end the game. I am proud of Abilene for not giving up and scaring the pee out of those rich show off Southlake stupid heads. I wish so much that the small west texas town would have killed the city boys of southlake. oh well, maybe next time. i know abilene would have made it to the finals if they had played any other people in the running. Now Southlake has to play Denton Ryan whom I don't care for because i've played them in soccer. those giants annoy me. anyway, way to go Abilene!!! You made my 10 bucks worth it just in the first quarter.

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Picosita said...

I had to Google "Southlake" and "stupid" and found this entry haha...three years later they finally beat Southlake, took awhile, but so worth it.