Monday, November 22, 2004

My Camping Extravaganza

alrighty then, so i went camping this past weekend. This was the second rainiest davey crockett camping trip in our history. The worst time by far was camping in the fall of 2000 with jeremy (the juice) and zach (prophetic future). That trip, it rained literally nonstop from friday evening to sunday noon, and it was about 40 degrees at most. That was rather miserable. On top of that, on the first night of rain, our tent collected a couple inches of water on the inside soaking all of our pads, sleeping bags, and clothes....and we endured it the whole night. we moved to another tent aftarwards. Also, we created a creature of a heinous sort. The mixture of smoke, water, breath, body odor, and our 70 year old tend yielded a malodorous monster we proudly call "The Stench". The stench inhabited anything that lay rest in it's path. It had the power to reproduce itself on anything. I threw away a rain coat after it got infected. I tried to rid it of "The Stench" but hot water and soap could not slay that ghastly beast. A hazmat team had to come and disinfect all who could not escape it. I have a respect for that thing now, but I never wish it upon me or anyone else.

This past trip was not so bad....It got up 70 degrees and only rained half the time. The stench was nothin more than my tent mates feet this time. I would have to say the best part of camping this time was sitting under the tarp that was hanging above the campfire and listening to Zach S. and Kelly P. play the Guitar. Something about campfires and guitars is so peacful. Maybe it's the peacfulness. Anyway, I was inspired to play the guitar again. I hope to learn now myself. I am convinced that being able to play true good ol' campfire music on the guitar makes a person a respectable guy. People look to you to draw the day to an end, to calm the hearts and minds and provide an escape from the rest of the world. Also, i'm sure the chances of getting any girl i want would increase by at least 40 percent...putting me up to 40 percent chance of getting a girl i want. so i will strive to teach myself the guitar which means i gotta find who has my mom's guitar and take it back....Butch!.....i also need to learn words and music to great campfiry musics john denver...and many others. okay i know this was long, but thanks for reading.

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The Future said...

I'd say 45%. The beard man. The beard.