Saturday, November 13, 2004

one week and stuff

hello my people!..i have successfully made it through one week of work and haven't wrecked or been totally lost yet. soon i will be comfortable driving throughout the trickiest of dallas rodes.........enough about work. anyway, i've been thinking that i can't compete with zach and jeremy on the amount of stuff i have to say so i'm gonna ramble about things that come into my head. First off, tonight there is a large amount of movies on tv that i would like to watch and it's not even on cable....saturday rarely has any movie i would care to see but Harry Potter, Men in Black, Red Dawn, and Beverly Hills cop are all on on one parents voted Potter'm going to maypearl for church tomorrow cause i actually have a job and good news to tell really want a cat or dog or both.....i like the loyalty of dogs...but i like the easy control of cats...but really i want a siberian husky when i move to colorado in several had a bad mouthwash episode this i was gargling, some listerine went too far down my throat and triggered a gag and coughing fit that led to listerine coming out of my nose and mouth and going all over the mirror and feeling like it was about to come out my eyes causing a horrible eye burn and then heart burn for the amount i swallowed.....overall a very uncomfortable experience....good thing it was the milder citrus rather than the cool mint.


Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say that I wish I was there to see that listerine episode. thats funny. You could have made an entire post with that one!!!

kentbrantly said...

mr. brown,
i'd be interested in hearing a fuller description of the "listerine incident" that occurred on November 13, 2004. i'm no lawyer, but i think you might have a lawsuit on your hands if you can provide evidence of your trauma or any semi-permenant damage. if you decide to pursue your legal options, i know a good attorney named Sameer M. Patel. i can get you the hook up.