Thursday, December 16, 2004

next step

hey everyone, you need to get ready for my next phase in life. I done the school thing, and got the job thing, my family and friends are ready....My courage is growing, my eyes are wondering.....I am now ready to be in a dating relationship with some girl. This phase in life my have been mixed in with others phases in ya'lls life, but for me, it has come after everything else. Seeing as how i don't have the dating experience from earlier in life, i need ya'll help in this adventure. I need contacts, and encouragement, and options, and money, and compliments, and warnings. You know the phrase "It takes a village to raise a child."...well there is also a lesser known quote- "I takes a village to help adam go on a date with a really hot, really good Christian girl."....i don't know who said it first....Now, don't think of me as shallow...i just have a certain taste in the ladies....and since i'm so late on starting this phase in life, I dont' have all the time in the world to date around. I'm not for dating around right now. I think the first person I steadily date is the person i'll marry. I mean ones a girl gets to know me, surely she won't back out....and it's hard enough for me to ask a girl out, so it's gotta be so much harder and not worth it to break up with her....unless she is psycho....but i can probably tone down psycho to be "just a little crazy". So guys and girls, you know who I like....and i know that i need to do some work on myself to make me more ready for this....i need to be more daring, take more chances, and not constently think of the worst that could happen....I have a lot to offer a lovely lady. And she has a lot to offer me...I may be shy, but that doesn't last forever....I'll do the best i can to make the changes i need to make to be a successful boyfriend, but i need that lovely lady to give the chance.....if you need my contact info, just reply to this post:)......but you probably know me anyway, and have stalked me enough to know what you need to know. I guess that's it for now...sorry for the long wait on the blog, i'll try to get some out quicker.


Anonymous said...

adam, i need a picture! hahaha. go gete'm sucka. Forget whats the worst that could happen, cuz it aint gonna. pretty soon you'll be sellin' tickets to the brown sugary!

Anonymous said...

ADAm!! write something!!!!