Monday, November 08, 2004

first day on job

hey hey

My first day on the job was today. It went pretty well. The location i'm at specializes in blueprint and architectural printing and reproduction. My job to start is to be a delivery guy. I spend all day making deliveries of our jobs and picking up new jobs from customers. Eventually I'll work my way into the shop....if i want....but delivery could get pretty fun..anywho, that's what i'll be doing for a long as i don't wreck one of the company cars, this should last a while. okay bye!

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Anonymous said...

suga! that job sounds pimp. better than my office/cubicle job. I have a lot of couriers come in on bikes and i wouldn't mind that kind of life. especially the death defying moves of weaving in and out of traffic on bikes. wow! your in a car, but thats cool too. i dig it! have fun. lata

The Future said...

Glad it was good. Should be DA BOMB!!

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