Monday, November 15, 2004

listerine and stuff

i'm glad you all get to laugh on the expense of my well being. i am rather traumatized by the listerine, but i have decided not to file a lawsuit. Afterall, I did choose to relax my throat to allow the listerine to go deeper for even more citrus fresh breath....that's the price you pay i guess. i may change back to scope however. scope is not as intrusive and mean to me, but it may not have the germ killing, plaque ridding power of listerine. What are y'all thought's on that? That's all i gots to say today. until next time, whatever..

1 comment:

The Future said...

I've gotten used to Listerine. It's not so bad now. I'm just lucky I haven't been in that situation, where it goes down my throat.

Now watch it happen tonight.

You want me to use Brown Sugar on the green beans tonight. That would be good.