Thursday, March 16, 2006

Roommates?....or more..(Roommate Reunion 2006) the best of my knowledge were roommates and friends..nothing more, nothing less.
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a few weeks ago i got a much needed break, but it was way too short. I got to go to California and have a roommate reunion. I hadn't seen jonathan and shea or travis and jeri since their weddings. i see jeremy often enough...if that was possible...anyway, it was a funfilled weekened. Just some background information. Jonathan and Shea live in N. Hollywood- he edits movie trailer, she is acting...they have a kid who is a cat named Hurley..hurley plays............travis and jeri live at Pepperdine in Malibu- he is in law school, she is taking classes and working at the school......jeremy lives in chicago and is a flight attendant for southwest, i live in dallas and work for thomas reprographics....anywho

Jeremy was able to hook me up with some sweet pink passes so i could fly to california for free, but i have to be on stand-by which is just fine with me....i left early in the morning on a friday..i had to fly from dallas to el paso, to phoenix, to burbank. Jeremy and I meet up in phoenix and eat a small lunch...we get to burbank in the early afternoon and jeri and travis are their to pick us up...that was's crazy family alwasys drived usually takes a coulple days to get to cali.....but i got their in half a day with this space age technology called airplanes.
After we leave the airport, we meet up with shea and then go eat at In-&-Out..that was alright...then we went into hollywood and saw some theater with celebrity handprints, footprints, and signatures...some Graumman dude owned the theater or something...i dunno...i have pictures of that but i left my camera in travis' car when i left cali...who knows what's gonna be on that camera now....anyway, we also when to this hollywood wax museum...we saw a scary version of leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet from Titanic...
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also a weird combination of nicolas cage and mario
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after that we wend to the Guinness Book of World Records Museum...this was more fun but a little outdated....the girls made their dreams come true.
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after that, we went to this mall area and there was this room that had all the oscar statuettes in these displays. they were the real things...very heavy too..i was is a picture of some of us in front of the Brokeback Mountain Picture...
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and next is our Academy Awards for best acting like we really like Brokeback Mountain
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I am very tired and need to go to bed now...THIS IS TO BE CONTINUED....for episode, GRUBBSIE JOINS THE FUN AFTER A HARD DAY AT WORK....more good food and good times to come ...and it's not even Saturday yet!


Heather said...

I never thought this day would come, and now, here it is. Congratulations on posting! We knew you could do it.

Malaysian Debster said...

Yea for new posting and pictures!

Jeremy, you're finally wearing Ira's wristband!!!

sirking said...

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