Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i just don't get some people

i've been thinking today about something that really iritated me......i can not stand it when people don't acknowledge and ignore others and ignore me especially......sever instances......during the heavy rain on Sunday, a leak in our living room ceiling developed...we are on the first floor of a 3 floor building so obviously my concern is that the people above us are flooding or something....anyway, i go up and knock on their door and don't get a response...so i walk to see their window and the light is on and tv is on and i hear noise....so i knock again and no response....so i ring the doorbell and no response....so i leave..forget those bewitches...they are supposed to be our cares team also..they've never said a word to us....SO CRAPPY!

another instance....i find a 5$ bill on the ground just ouside my apartment and next to our neighbors door....it is noisy and smells like smoke so he must be having a party....i knock loudly on his door several time and no one comes to see who it is....little to they know i have 5 dollars that probably belongs to someone in that party....so i knock again and get no repsonse....IDIOTS!...i kept that 5 dollars.

yet another instance with the same girls from the first paragraph....my roommate tim is cooking a gourmet meal and he is needing to use some wine so he needs a corkscrew...we had one but is lost somewhere so tim goes to neighbors apartments and doens't get responses so he goes upstairs to the cares team apartment and knocks only to have their ignorant boyfriends answer the door in which they quickly and without any thought say "no, they don't have corkscrews"....they should all be slapped for these reasons (they are our cares team and don't answer their door, they have their boyfriends answer the door, and their boyfriends are stupid and didn't actually put in an effort to see if their girlfriends actually had a corkscrew)...sure there is a possibility they didn't have one, but please make an effort for crying out loud...i at least want an answer from the girls who actally live there....PEONS!

even another instance.......i few months ago, i did a logo for a guy my dad knows...anyway, i had him send the logo to my aparment, but after a whole week, i never got the letter....since the letter was important and contained a check, i did what anyone would do and politely went to ask my neighbors if they just happened to get mail that was supposed to go to 1201 or to Adam Brown......i get no response from two of my neighbors (but i really don't think they were home)...but the neighbor next to us was definatley home...i heard him walking around and messing with stuff....i knock at his door and no one comes...i knock louder in case he didn't hear me and no one comes....i know that he knows i'm there, but i ring the doorbell and no one freaking comes to the door...all i want is to ask a simple question....STUPID OLD HAG.

WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT...IT'S ONE THING TO BE SAFE AND NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO A STRANGER, BUT THESE PEOPLE HAVE SEEN ME...THEY KNOW I LIVE NEXT TO THEM....WHY BE SO RUDE AS TO NOT ANSWER WHEN I'M AT THE DOOR...I CAN'T STAND IT....I DON'T DEMAND A LOT OF ATTENTION...sorry...i dont' demand a lot of attention, but i hate to be ignored especially when i need help....maybe that's the difference between the Christian lifestyle and non Christian lifestyle..but it's really not...treat me the way you want to be treated...for real people...i'm not gonna rob you or steal your girlfriend, or raid your home...i just need to ask a simple questions.......does anyone else feel this way where they live....is there something wrong with people these days where they don't feel they should acknowledge others in need...especially their literal neighbors....


Kara Sheets said...

Sorry that people ignore you. Our neighbors don't like us either. One day, the lady come over and said, "there are always cars in front of your house." I kindly agreed with her because we always have people over (our high school huddle group, Zach's siblings, our friends..) but I asked her if anyone has ever blocked their driveway. She said no, but that she is just concerned why people are over. That's when I began to notice the irritation in her voice! She was mad because people are in our house!! She knows I work at a church and we are good people...I don't know what she is concerned about. But aparently we bug her. Since then she has not waved at us when we are outside, and her husband still has not spoken a word to me or Zach and we have lived there for over a year! This is Abilene for goodness sake! You would think she would lighten up.
I feel your pain bro...be strong

Malaysian Debster said...

I know exactly what you mean, Adam. That's one of my pet peeves, when people ignore you and such and think you don't exist, especially while driving on the freakin' road!! Ugh, don't even get me started on that one...

I think part of it is you have sucky neighbours, which is very unfortunately. Thankfully we've been blessed with good ones on our end. Perhaps you guys should move over to this part of the hood, hehe...:)

The Future said...

Nice Debbie.

Yes, they do live too far away from yall. I can barely make the walk myself!