Friday, March 17, 2006

I think a jail cell would be comfy enough not to get off track with the california trip, but a humorous issue has come up....i still do want comments on my previous post....anyway

so i got a speeding ticket on febuary was the first time i had been pulled over in like 5 years...but i have had a ticket before...anyway, so i put off taking care of the ticket because you know...i got time....i figured i would wait for a rainy day when there is nothing better to do.....anyway, today i remembered the ticket and thought i would check up and see how many more weeks i had to take care of my suprise, i had -1 weeks to take care of it...THE FRICKIN COURT DUE DATE WAS 6 DAYS AGO..... i only had 21 days to take care of it....i thought i had like a couple months..anyway, i'm in a pickle now....i have to wait till monday to call the court and and ask about payment (my fine could have doubled to $500 dollars which really really sucks....and i need to find out if i'm still eligible for defensive driving.....sometimes i'm so stupid...this is one of those will be an embarrassing day for me(funny to you) to be arrested out of my apartment for an unpaid ticket....but at least i would have a funny story to tell...but my parents probably won't think it's i'm just nervous about the police....i will not let them take me...i will not go quietly into the night!....if you are experienced in this situation, give me some good news.


Shea said...

Well if things turn out okay and they do give you some slack, you also now have the option of doing defensive driving your home. You watch a video and answer questions on line... or something like that. Just be honest, it's all you can be. They can see your record and know you haven't had one in a long while.
Good Luck.

Heather said...

Hasn't Josue been arrested? Or was it Nathan? I can't remember. Anyway, think of it as an open door...that closes and locks behind you.

Guillermo said...

just think... u could have used less than that much for a nice shiny V1 and never gotten the ticket... or any later in the future... and u can drive faster after that!!!

The Future said...

Man, I forgot about that. I took that defensive driving class at Skillman 2 weeks ago... you should have too. But that's another story.

Good luck yo.