Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thanksgiving 8 mile Turkey Trot

So two weeks ago I had a goal. The goal was to train to run the 8 mile Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. This goal would mean serious training time to be put in in just a little over a month. I happen to be in the worst shape of my life...and every second that goes by, I break my worst shape record again. My plan to reach that goal was to run every day and be generally healthy in diet and sleep.....So here is the progress....In 14 days, I have run twice......the longest run being 2 miles before I was about to pass out.....I have eaten fast food over half of the days......and I have had a miserable cold the past 4 days which will take a while to recover from enough to do any serious the big question is, CAN I POSSIBLY BE ABLE TO RUN THE TURKEY TROT IN ANY RESPECTABLE AMOUNT OF TIME?...who knows

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Heather said...

Go to a running site and find one of those last-minute training guides. Don't give up!