Sunday, November 12, 2006

my november 12 for 12

okay so really, i really really want to do a 12 for 12...i keep forgetting...and well, i forgot again until like 11:45pm.....i thought, forget it.....and then i thought, you know what, i'm gonna do it anyway...i didn't have anything good to take picture of seeing as how it was 11:45pm and i'm almost in i get my digital camera and just plan on taking pictures around my apartment....boring i know, but at least it's something...anyway, after taking two pictures, my camera batteries died, so i looked for these AA batteries i just knew i bought a few weeks ago...then i realized i gave them away as part of a present to someone (little zane)...he likes sucking on batteries...he's silly...he's only 1 year old....and i'm kidding..they went inside this educational puppy thingy....anyway, so then i thought i would just use my cell phone's camera so i took some pictures with me in them..but since i was ready for bed, i had few clothes on and the internet is not ready for my sexy i decided i'll just have to wait yet again for December's 12 for 12.


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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure its real safe for a kid to suck on AA batteries....