Thursday, November 20, 2008

7 Random Things

so a couple weeks ago, i was tagged to post 7 random things about i guess i'll do that now. I'll try to think of things that you already don't know.

1. (a) I was born in Selma, California on December 26, 1980. (b) When I was born, my lungs were way underdeveloped and I couldn't breath and was all blue and purple and they had to rush me to another hospital for treatment. (c) Since I was born on December 26, I was put in a stocking when they were finally able to release me to my parents care. (d) that stocking has been used as my Christmas stocking ever since then.

2. My unoffical nickname of "quiet" goes back to highschool when I was working at Sonic. They other employees called me Silencio.

3. A few years ago, I moved up to Arkansas with my brother and sister-in-law in search of a job. My sister-in-law worked at Del Monte at the time. The very first Walmart store in Bentonville was having a grand reopening. Lots of the companies that sell products in Walmart had their mascots show up. Since my sister-in-law worked with Del Monte, they were going to send a couple people dressed up at Sweetie Pea and Fuzzy Peach. I got the job to dress up as Fuzzy Peach for a day and walk around Walmart. The costume was huge and very very uncomfortable...and I was the only costume without arms. I ended up scaring some kids and making some cry. Maybe there are pictures out there somewhere.

4. My grandparents lived on a lake most my life. We would go swimming a lot during the summer, but we would never swim under the doc that led up to the boat. When we were younger, we were told there was a troll that lived under the doc. When I got older, I was still nervous any time I got near the doc. I knew that there wasn't really a troll under the doc, but I just knew that something would hurt me or grab my foot and bite me. If my grandparents still lived on the lake today, I still won't go under the doc. I just know there is something there that doesn't want me to live.

5. I was always the 2nd fastest in Elementary school. During every field day, I would do the 50 yard dash since I was fast. My friend Guillermo would always bet that I would win.....and every time, I would lose by a hair to Aaron Matthews. Guillermo always believed in me though...sorry to let you down Guillermo.

6. My other grandparents live in Missouri. They do not have a septic tank, but they have a septic pond. We always called it The Lagoon. As kids, my siblings, cousins and I would take turns flushing toilets in the house and the rest watching the flushed water flow from a pipe into the Lagoon. Sometimes it wasn't just water if you know what I mean....we also did some bad things that got us into a lot of trouble like throwing our grandparents garden vegetables into the lagoon to see if they would float or sink....squash floats...but I know my grandpa wanted to throw us in the lagoon for that.

7. I've always had destructive habits. All through school I used to chew on my wooden pencils all the way down the lead...i would have wood chips all around my i started using mechanical pencils...after a while, started chewing those until they broke. I would also chew pens and pen caps. I also chew apart styrofoam cups and tear up napkins. I have done these things a long as I can remember. If it's able to be destroyed, I will end up destroying it.

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